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Date of Upload  What has been done in 2000 to 2009
19 March 2009 The famous links page is updated. New transcript of episode 41.
11 December 2007 Danica McKellar.'s biography is updated.
15 October 2006 Another article (from 1989) on The Wonder Years added to the publication list.
14 September 2006 Links to German transcripts corrected. New transcript of episode 22, still unedited. No German The Wonder Years DVD.
22 December 2005 Release date set for German The Wonder Years DVD.
10 December 2005 New diet show with Danica McKellar.
18 November 2005 New article about Danica McKellar.
16 November 2005 A German DVD of the first season?
10 November 2005 New films to come with Danica McKellar.
14 August 2005 New films to come with Danica McKellar.
19 July 2005 New article by New York Times about Danica McKellar.
23 March 2005 New transcript of episode 87.
23 February 2005 News about a possible The Wonder Years DVD set.
18 January 2005 Update The Wonder Years in Brazil.
7 January 2005 Moved providers the second time after starting the site in 1995 and the change in 1999. This means more space.
1 January 2005 Minor corrections to transcript of episode 2.The famous links page is updated. 
5 November 2004 Update The Wonder Years in Taiwan.
15 October 2004 Update The Wonder Years in Austria.
18 August 2004 Three new transcripts, of episode 42, episode 77 and episode 95, still unedited.
13 August 2004 New goof for episode 55.
18 May 2004 Some information about the title song.
9 May 2004 Updated information about the supposed-to-be location question.
23 February 2004 Lisa Gerber's biography updated.
15 February 2004 There is a new official Danica McKellar website!
27 November 2003 Amazon.com offers alert for DVD release. Please use it; it is a vote for a release.
17 November 2003 Update of Danica McKellar's biography. New goof for episode 29.
4 November 2003 New remark for episode 3.
7 October 2003  New remark for episode 6
3 September 2003 Small update of Danica McKellar's biography.
18 August 2003 New transcript of episode 52 (not fully formatted yet). Small update of Danica McKellar's biography.
8 July 2003 Small update of Crystal McKellar's biography.
23 June 2003 New remark for episode 24.
27 May 2003 New transcript of episode 15.
5 May 2003 Small addition to Lisa Gerber's biography
28 April 2003 New transcript of episode 9.
23 April 2003 Some layout and other corrections throughout the site.
5 April 2003 New link about AJ Langer
6 March 2003 Additional remark and scene for episode 115.
25 February 2003 Two small corrections for episode 24 transcript.
11 February 2003 Added episode 68 transcript. Added episode 68 evidence to the list of where the show was supposed to be
24 November 2002 Updated biographies of Shevonne Durkin (Swedish student), Carla Gugino (Wayne's girlfriend), Renée Humphrey (big nose), Paula Marshall (wayne's girlfriend), Robert Picardo (Cutlip), Giovanni Ribisi (Jeff), Ben Stein (Mr. Cantwell), Melora Walters (Waitress), and of the producers Michael Dinner, Jeffrey Silver and Sue Bea (Belknap) Montgomery.
19 November 2002 Updated availability of The Wonder Years CDs, tapes and DVDs. Corrected many broken links throughout the site. 
17 November 2002 Updated biographies of Danica McKellar, Olivia D'Abo (Karen), and Jason Hervey (Wayne). 
14 October 2002 More information about Wayne's license. Updated biographies of Fred Savage (Kevin), Alley Mills (Norma Arnold), A. J. Langer (Mary Jo), Amy Hathaway (Denise), Ben Savage (Curtis), Bentley Mitchum (Brian Cooper), and Ben Slack (Mr. Ermin).
4 October 2002 Updated Danica McKellar's biography
23 September 2002 New transcript of episode 62
12 June 2002 New transcript of episode 69.
2 June 2002 Updated Danica McKellar's biography.
10 May 2002 Updated French episode titles.
5 April 2002 New transcript of episode 16.
26 March 2002 Updated information about The Wonder Years in the US. Updated Fred Savage's biography.
12 February 2002 Corrected many mistakes in transcript of episode 57.  Added edits to FAQ
26 January 2002 Updated Danica McKellar biography.
7 January 2002 Moved goof from episode 68 to episode 9.
5 January 2002 Corrected errors.
31 December 2001 Changed servers from CompuServe to T-Online.
6 December 2001 New goof for episode 68.
24 November 2001 New transcript for episode 32. Updated A. J. Langer and Dan Lauria biographies. Updated background in site cast list. Updated music information for episode 15. New goof for episode 86. New remark for episode 105 and episode 110.
19 September 2001 Updated biographies of the actors Danica McKellar, Josh Saviano (Paul), Jason Hervey (Wayne), Olivia D'Abo (Karen), Andrew Mark Berman (Chuck), Raye Birk (Mr. Diperna), Michael Paul Chan (Mr. Chong), Julie Condra (Madeline), John Corbett (Louis), Brandon Crane (Doug), Jon Harmon Feldman (writer, editor, producer), Stephen Gilborn (Mr.Collins), H. Richard Greene (Winnie's father), James C. Hart (producer), Amy Hathaway (Denise), Linda Hoy (Mrs. Ritvo), David Huddleston (Grandpa Arnold), Whitney Kershaw (Miss Hasenfuss), Michael Landes (Kirk McCray), Dan Lauria (Jack Arnold), Mark Levin (writer, producer, editor), Stewart Levin (composer), Meredith Scott Lynn (Angela), Paula Marshall (Bonnie), Crystal McKellar, Wendel Meldrum (Miss White), Scott Menville (Wart), Lynn Milgrim (Winnie's mother), Steve Miner (director), Juliette Lewis (Wayne's girlfriend), Alley Mills (Norma Arnold), Kelly Packard (Susan Fisher), Mark B. Perry (writer, producer, editor), Robert Picardo (Cutlip), Giovanni Ribisi (Jeff billings), Robin Riordan (writer and editor), J. Peter Robinson (composer), William V. Ryder (art director), Ben Savage, David Schwimmer (Michael), Jeffrey Silver (producer), Alicia Silverstone, Ben Slack (Mr. Ermin), Lindsay Sloane (Alice Pedermeir), Ben Stein (biology teacher), Ken Topolsky (producer), Kathy Wagner (Lisa Berlini), Melora Walters, and Soleil Moon Frye. And of producers and writers Caroline Baron, Carol Black, Bob Brush, and Matthew Carlson. Updated information about the supposed-to-be location question. New remark for last episode. New goof for episode 30
1 September 2001 New transcript for episode 29
20 August 2001 New article on Crystal McKellar (Becky Slater). 
11 June 2001 Updated information about the supposed-to-be location question from episode 12. Updated AJ Langer's and Snuffy Walden's biography. Added information about Neal Marlens. Added new information about the Observatory in episode 110 .
20 May 2001 New transcript for episode 111 . Holly Sampson (Teri) biography and Scott Menville (Wart) biography updated. Minor change in the filming location of episode 110 . Added episode 30 evidence to the list of where the show was supposed to be. Added a remark for episode 92 .
25 April 2001 New transcript of episode 34. Updated Dan Lauria's biography. Article on Josh Saviano (Paul). Another goof for episode 40.  Minor corrections allover.
9 April 2001 Updated information on Holly Sampson (Teri). 'First Years' stopped after only three weeks.
19 March 2001 Corrected music for episode 65. New goof for episode 23 .
16 March 2001 New show "First Years" by the Wonders Years producers. Updated biography of Carla Gugino. New screenshot of Renee Humphrey (with the big nose). New goof for episode 14
9 March 2001 New remark for episode 25 and 48. New goof for episode 81. FAQ updated.
25 February 2001 New transcript of episode 25 .
16 February 2001 Added caps of Lisa Gerber (Cara) and Whitney Kershaw (Miss Hasenfuss).  Updated biography of Tony Nittoli (Tony Barbella). Updated filmography of Krista Murphy (Paul's girlfriend). Added remarks for episodes 30 , 71 and 80 .
24 January 2001 Updated biography of Kathy Wagner (Lisa Berlini). New goof for episode 92.  New remarks for episode 9, 87, 94, and 112.  Updated FAQ
8 January 2001 New transcript of episode 14 . Updated information about Michael Dinner (producer and director).  Comments on the order of episodes 25 and 27 . New remarks for episode 14 and 91 .
24 December 2000 New information about WY in Germany .
18 December 2000 New screenshot of Miss White (Wendel Meldrum). Updates biographies of Fred Savage , Linda Hoy (Mrs Ritvo), Holly Sampson (Teri), Shevonne Durkin (Swedish  exchange student), Scott Menville (Wart), Lynn Milgrim (Winnie's mother), John Moskoff (Paul's father), Tony Nittoli (Tony Barbella), Kelly Packard (Susan Fisher), Julie Payne (Mrs Falcinella), Giovanni Ribisi (Jeff), David Schwimmer (Michael), Lindsay Sloane (Alice Pedermeir), Charles Tyner (Mr Nestor), Kathy Wagner (Lisa Berlini), Kim C. Friese (writer and producer), Steward Levin (composer), Neal Marlens (original idea), Steve Miner (director and producer), Mark B. Perry (writer and producer), J. Peter Robinson & WG Snuffy Walden (music), William V. Ryder (art director), Jeffrey Silver (producer), and Jill Gordon (writer). Several entries in the supporting cast list (Lisa Gerber, Lindsay Fisher etc) were updated.
8 December 2000 Screenshots from Lisa Berlini (Kathy Wagner ), Mrs Ritvo (Linda Hoy ). Update biography of Bob Brush (executive producer), James C. Hart (producer), Holly Sampson (Teri) , Eric Gilliland and Jeffrey Stepakoff (writers), Bentley Mitchum (Winnie's brother), Ben Slack (Mr. Ermin), Ben Stein (biology teacher), Melora Walters (Waitress).
30 November 2000 Updated biographies of Danica McKellar , Raye Birk (Diperna) and Robert Picardo (Cutlip). New goof for episode 29
23  November 2000 Added pictures of Andrew Mark Berman (Chuck),Lindsay Sloane (Alice) and AJ Langer (Mary Jo).
9 November 2000 New transcript of episode 86 . Updated biography of Denise Moss (producer and writer). Addition to where the show was supposed to play . New goofs for episode 47 and episode 79
8 November 2000 Large additions to transcript of episode 92 . Picture on Dan Lauria's bio and Scott Nemes' bio (Ricky Halsenbach). CV updated with new publications. 
29 October 2000 The Wonder Years starts again in Germany on November 2 with the last season.  Reruns also in Argentina . Put the FAQ up again. New goof for episode 114 . Corrected abstract for episode 70 . Addition to where the show was supposed to play .Updated biography of Linda Hoy (Mrs. Ritvo).
23 September 2000 Corrected music information for episode 82 . Updated biographies for Crystal McKellar (Becky Slater), Danica McKellar (Winnie), Fred Savage and Kathy Wagner .
24 August 2000 New transcript of episode 13 . Corrected transcript of episode 112 and episode114 .
14 August 2000 News about Danica McKellar . Updated and corrected biography for Julie Condra .
10 August 2000 New article about Danica McKellar . New article about early Wonder Years . Updated and corrected biographies for John Corbett (Karen's boyfriend), David Huddleston (Grandpa Arnold), Renée Humphrey (big nosed girl), Michael Landes (Kirk), A.J.Langer (Mary Jo), Meredith Scott Lynn (Wayne's girlfriend), Paula Marshall (Wayne's girlfriend), Ben Savage (Fred's brother).
26 July 2000 MAJOR UPDATE: Updated biographies for Crystal McKellar , Danica McKellar , H. Richard Greene (Winnie's father), Andrew Mark Berman (Chuck), Julie Condra (Madeline),Michael Paul Chan (restaurant owner), Daniel Stern (narrator), Josh Saviano (Paul), Steven Gilborn (math teacher), Whitney Kershaw (Miss Hasenfuss), Soleil Moon Frye (Mimi), Amy Hathaway (Denise), Shevonne Durkin (Swedish exchange student), John Corbett (Louis) and the whole Arnold family Olivia D'Abo , Fred Savage , Alley Mills , Dan Lauria , Jason Hervey , and for the producers Sy Dukane , Matthew Carlson , Jill Gordon , and Caroline Baron .
26 June 2000 New remarks for episodes 10 and 66 . New goofs for episodes 37 and 110 . Biography update for Alicia Silverstone . New website about Giovanni Ribisi . Corrected information about Olivia D'Abo
31 May 2000 New transcript and new remark for episode 79 . Kathy Wagner's (Lisa Berlini) biography updated.  Updated information about the location question .  New goof for episode 88 . Corrected abstract of episode 93
3 May 2000 Many minor corrections throughout the site.
19 March 2000 Updated filmography for Julie Condra .
18 February 2000 New transcript for episode 44 .  Corrected and added music information for episode 22 , episode 78 , episode 87 , episode 89 , and episode 101 . Updated information on Julie Payne (Mrs. Falcinella) .
26 January 2000 Changed links from Daniel's defunct to Brennan's site. New goof for episode 46 . Updated music information for episode 30 , episode 78 , episode 79 , and episode 92 .
3 January 2000 New transcript of episode 20 . Updated Wonder Years in Korea

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