Michael Landes
In "The Wonder Years": 
Kirk McCray (Winnie's first boyfriend) 7, 9, 10, 11, 17, (69 only flashbacks)



Birthday: September 18th, 1972 


  • In "Lois & Clark" Michael Landes played Jimmy Olsen only for the first season and was then replaced by Justin Whalin. Justin Whalin had been also in "The Wonder Years" ((Eddie Pinetti's) Henchman in episode 18 and Mark Kovinsky in episode 50).
  • Michael has also produced the movie "Getting Personal" in which he appeared as Christopher DeMarco in 1999.
  • It seems that The Wonder Years was his first appearance on screen.
Title Character he played Year Type
Hart's War  unknown 2002 Movie
"Special Unit 2"   Detective Nicholas O'Malley 2001 TV series
The Gentleman from Boston Billy Dylan 2000 Movie
Max Knight: Ultra Spy Max Knight 2000 TV movie
Getting Personal Christopher DeMarco 1999 Movie
Dream for an Insomniac Rob 1998 Movie
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women Rene Klein 1997 TV movie
"Union Square" Michael 1997 TV series
No Greater Love
aka Danielle Steel's 'No Greater Love'
George Winfield 1996 TV movie
"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"
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Jimmy Olsen 1993-1994 TV series
Please, God, I'm Only Seventeen Michael 1992 TV movie
When the Party's Over Willie 1992 Movie
An American Summer Tom Travis 1991 Movie

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"Get Real" unknown Tough Love (1.14) 02/02/00
"Providence"  Tom Cromwell Thank You, Providence (2.8) 2000
"The Drew Carey Show" Blaine Bell  Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew (1.14) 01/10/96
"Too Something"  unknown Money Grubbers (1.16)
Legs; Lies and Videotape (1.17)
The Candidate (1.18)
The Popcorn Machine (1.19)
Meter Feeders (1.20)
Forreign Affair (1.21)
Pretend You Know Me (1.22)
"Blossom" Bobby I Ain't Got No Buddy (1.6) 1991
"Step by Step" Mike "The Mover" Walters Someone to Watch Over Me  11/06/92
"The Torkelsons" Riley Roberts Fence Neighbors 
The Cotillion 
For Love or Money 
Poetry in Motion 
The Ice Princess 
Swear Not By the Moon 
"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Chadney Hunt Courting Disaster (1.10)
Day Damn One (1.13)
Deck The Halls (1.14)
The Ethnic Tip (1.16)
"thirtysomething" Young Michael Michael's Campaign (3.10) 12/12/89
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