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Episode 7 30 Nov 88 "The Heart of Darkness"

w: Carol Black and Neal Marlens
d: Steve Miner

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"Nightmares involving a cave--and concerns about being in with the in-crowd at school--haunt Kevin, who befriends a trouble-maker in hopes of looking 'cool' to Winnie."

Kevin tries to act cool. But he feels very unhappy because Winnie is going with Kirk McCray instead of himself. An ongoing nightmare haunts him in which he walks into a dark cave unsure whether Winnie and Paul are with him. The dream ends with him in front of a laughing math class wearing pyjamas, underwear and socks.  Winnie wears contacts and starts hanging around the cool kids - because she is together with popular Kirk. She asks Kevin whether they are still good friends. He reacts in anger and she walks back to Kirk. Now his dream changes: He carries Winnie out of the cave because she has a broken leg. But at the end he is once again in front of the class and being laughed at. Kevin and Paul go camping with Gary, a class hoodlum. They drink beer and smoke. Gary takes them to a sewer, the cave. They are scared and leave Gary behind. That night Kevin has no nightmare. The next morning Winnie walks by when they play at the street. She wears glasses again, and Kevin makes compliments.

Remark: "Riders In The Storm" by the Doors did not come out until 1971 on the L.A. Woman album, not 1968 when the show was supposed to take place (by Mark Wensel).

The Doors: "Riders on the Storm"
Cream: "Sunshine of Your Love"
Richie Havens: "Here Comes the Sun"

Breckin Meyer            Gary (Cosey, classmate)
Shantel Cropper          Cool Girl
Donnie Jeffcoat          Kirk's friend (Eric Antonio)
Michael Landes           Kirk McCray
Linda Hoy                Mrs. Ritvo
Episode 8 07 Dec 88 "Our Miss White"
w: Michael J. Weithorn
d: Peter Baldwin

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"Kevin develops a crush on his English teacher, who persuades him to play Robert Kennedy in the school production, a role that inspires Kevin to new emotional highs."

When the students watch Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech in Miss White's class, everybody becomes very emotional. The teacher even sheds some tears. Kevin is fascinated by Miss White and her looks. She asks him to play Robert Kennedy, the leading role, in her self-written play. Now Kevin thinks about a loving relation with his 28-year-old teacher. Paul plays the less attractive role of J. Edgar Hoover. Kevin's dad picks him up after the rehearsals and keeps talking to Miss White so that Kevin gets jealous. So he tells his dad not to come the next time. Miss White drives him home in her VW beetle. Finally the day of the play comes. After he has given a marvelous performance and gets a romantic visual encounter with Miss White, Kevin sees her kissing Steven, a very handsome man.

Remark: In the end titles, an unusual credit to the "Outstanding human being: Dave Stern".

Remark: My summary is based on the German translation.  DBQ has sent me the following comment which could mean that in the German version important points are missed:  Actually, in watching that episode, the interplay is very different and more complex.  When Kevin's dad comes by earlier in the week to pick him up, Miss White remarks that she has seen him limp, and he admits he was wounded in Korea, and lost many friends in that war. They continue with chit-chat, which makes Kevin impatient (and perhaps mad). At the play, while a black student recites King's "I Have A Dream" speech, and just as he finishes, Miss White's paramor arrives to give the kiss and Kevin knows finally and completely the facts of life, and becomes very emotional, starting to shed a tear.  Paul has to almost shove him out on the stage.  He walks hesitantly toward the center, and makes the speech, his voice almost cracking from the emotion he feels from his feelings for Miss White.  Interestingly, the camera keeps its distance, focusing on the audience reaction.   At the end, the audience claps, and the camera moves in on Kevins family, and settles on his dad, who stands to give him an ovation.

The Temptations: "Just My Imagination"
Bob Dylan: "The Times They Are A-Changin'"

Wendel Meldrum        Miss (Dianne) White (later Mrs. Heimer, see episode 37)
E'Lon                 Young Martin Luther King
Krista Murphy         Carla Healy
Shea Farrell          Steven
Mathew Kohut          Hoover Aide #1
Dustin Wride          Hoover Aide #2
Episode 9 14 Dec 88 "Christmas"
w: Bob Brush
d: Steve Miner

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"Visions of finding a color TV under the tree dance in Kevin's head at Christmas, but his thoughts soon turn to finding the perfect $6 Christmas gift for Winnie." or "Kevin ponders buying Winnie (Danica McKellar) the perfect $6 Christmas gift while visions of finding a color TV under the family tree dance through his head."

The Arnolds' family bugs their dad to buy a color TV for Christmas. Especially Wayne is obnoxious. But their dad does not want to spend the money. He has even problems with the $8 for a tree. Paul asks Kevin what his wish would be for a perfect Christmas. He sees Winnie, but she is with another boy. A few moments later she comes over and gives him a present. Kevin pretends to have also one for her. So he starts looking for one. On Christmas Eve he walks over to the Cooper's house to discover that Winnie has been gone with her parents. He hands over his present to the housekeeper. The Arnolds are laughing and singing carols in a downpour. They bought the color TV two years later.  When at the end of the episode Kevin is opening Winnie's gift, the narrator says:  "For me, that year Christmas stopped being about tinsel and wrapping paper, and started being about memory. At first I was disappointed. Until I learned that memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you wish to never lose. And I learned from Winnie, that in a world that changes too fast, the best we can do is wish each other Merry Christmas." Kevin pulls the last of the paper off.  Close shot of the box as he opens it. It is a four-leaf clover. "And good luck."

Goof: In the end the audio clearly doesn't match the visual. It is the scene where the family is laughing because it has just started to rain on X-mas eve. Kevin's laughter on the audio track does not match the visual (by Darcy Keith).

Goof: Late in the show when tempers are getting high. Now remember this is Christmas Eve. Jack is sitting on the couch reading the sports page. The headlines read: "Dancer's Image proclaimed Derby winner," or something to that affect. The Kentucky Derby is run in early May, and the winner in "68" was Forward Pass (by Chuck Kraynik). However, Dancer's Image finished first but was disqualified after a prohibited medication was found in his system (by Kyle).

Remark:  The Wonder Years Christmas episodes: Second season: episode 9, forth season: episode 55 (with Cutlip!), fifth season: episode 78, sixth season: episode 103. The first season started after Christmas, the third season had no Christmas episode.

Remark: Kevin's sister is wearing eyeglasses in this episode.  This is probably the only time we see her with them (by Dennis Barron).

Glen Campbell & Cher: "Silent Night"
Tchaikovsky: "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy"
"Twelve Days Of Christmas"
Bobby Helms: "Jingle Bell Rock"
Bing Crosby: "White Christmas"
Joni Mitchell: "River"
(Hugh Martin, Ralph Blane: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" ?)

Liz Torres            Mrs. Gambino
Mary Gregory          Woman
Tyde Kierney          TV Salesman
Michael Landes        Kirk McCray 
Gary McGurk           Tree Man 
Robina Suwol          Perfume Lady
Episode 10 11 Jan 89 "Steady as She Goes"
w: David M. Stern
d: Steve Miner

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"Hoping to get closer to Winnie, and about to lose his best friend Paul to a girl, Kevin makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to go steady, but it doesn't turn out to be quite what he had in mind."

In Junior Highschool a boy needs to go with a girl to be someone important. Rumors tell that Winnie and Kirk are splitting up. But when Kevin and Winnie look at eachother in music class, Kirk holds up a sign "I am sorry, Winnie!" at the window. Then Kevin and Paul go icescating. Paul meets his love Carla there. But Kevin sees Kirk and Winnie, who asks him to get in contact with Betty. The result is that Becky becomes his first girlfriend. He feels uncomfortable, because Winnie is the one he really likes. At home Wayne makes fun of them. Becky and Kevin meet Winnie who is sad and looking for Kirk. He uses Becky to make Winnie jealous. When Kevin comes back to school, everybody tells him that Becky has given him the flick. He sees Winnie intimately kissing Kirk in the hallway. Kevin approaches Becky at the busses, and apologizes about the whole "stupid going steady thing." Meanwhile, Becky's bus leaves without her. Then: then...

BECKY: You're such a jerk! Thanks for nothing!
(Becky starts down the street.)
KEVIN: Wait.
(Becky keeps walking.)
KEVIN: How are you gonna get home?
(He catches up with her.)
BECKY: How do you think?
KEVIN: Well, do you want me to walk with you? It - it's on the way and stuff.
(Becky keeps walking.)
BECKY: Don't do me any favors!
(Kevin holds Becky's arm and stops her.)
KEVIN: I want to.
(They walk off. Kevin puts his arm around Becky's shoulder, but she brushes it off. They continue to walk along.)

Remark: Kevin can ice skate in episode 10, but in episode 66 he can't roller skate. Usually if you can ice skate you can roller skate (by Dennis Barron).

Tymes or Renato Russo: "Somewhere"
Miracles: "Ooh, Baby Baby" (plays at ice-skating rink)
B.B. King: "The Thrill is Gone"
Carole King: "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (Closing music. Scene of Kevin walking Becky home.)

Crystal McKellar         Becky Slater
William Lanteau          Mr. Frace (music teacher)
Michael Landes           Kirk McCray
Krista Murphy            Carla Healey
Karin Woodward           Waitress
Robin Thicke             Boy
Melissa Clayton          Girl
Jeremy Vecs              Kid in Line
Jason Miyashiro          Kid #2
Michael Tricario         Kid
Episode 11 18 Jan 89 "Just Between You and Me" ... and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky
w: Matthew Carlson
d: Peter Baldwin
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"It's all quiet on the romantic front until Kevin agrees to help Kirk patch up his problems with Winnie."

Kevin is with Becky Slater. But there are problems between Kirk McCray and Winnie. He asks Kevin to find out whether Winnie still likes him. She does not know. When Kevin talks to her, he realizes his strong attraction to her. She says that she will break up with Kirk. The next day Kevin sees her and Kirk kissing. Now Kirk, being a coward, asks Eric Antonio and Kevin asks Paul to figure out Winnie's emotions. Kevin tells Becky that he will break up because he likes Winnie. Becky knocks him out. He deams a Star Trek parody with Becky and Winnie as aliens, him as Captain Kirk, Paul as Spock, and Eric and Kirk as Bones and Scotty. At night he walks over to Winnie's house, sees Eric bringing her home and asks her whether she likes him. But she says "I don't know". [Winnie appears again in episode 17]

Simon & Garfunkel: "I am a Rock"
Diana Ross & The Supremes: "Someday We'll Be Together"

Crystal McKellar         Becky Slater
Michael Landes           Kirk McCray
Krista Murphy            Carla Healey
Donnie Jeffcoat          Eric Antonio
Episode 12 01 Feb 89 "Pottery Will Get You Nowhere"
w: Matthew Carlson
d: Daniel Stern

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"Kevin feels the shifting sands of time toppling his world after his mother enrolls in a pottery class, and his science teacher lectures on the devastation of earthquakes."

The opening narration is about how Jack and Norma can make joint-decisions, and would never yell at each other in front of the kids. "I guess I never really thought of my parents as being in love. But maybe that's the best thing for a kid - to never have to think about it. It's just always there. Like the ground you walk on." Kevin and Paul are in Mr. Cantwell's science class, with a slide show about earthquakes. It really bothers Paul, who thinks a quake is about to happen any minute. Kevin tells Paul not to worry about it. Norma starts a pottery class, and makes a large bowl. Kevin, Wayne and Karen compliment her about it. "I could tell my mother was waiting for something, although she wasn't gonna come right out and ask it. She wanted my father to say he liked the bowl. And he knew she wanted him to say he liked the bowl. And she knew he knew she wanted to to say he liked the bowl. But for some reason, that I don't think any of us understood...he wasn't saying it." Later, Norma replaces Jack's favorite cup with one she has made. Jack wants to keep his old cup, but reluctantly uses the new one. Unfortunately, he accidentally knocks it off the table, breaking it. That night at dinner, everyone is silent. Kevin decides to try to bring his parents together by having them yell at him. He splatters Wayne with mashed potatoes. Jack yells at Kevin, but Norma just stands up and walks off. Jack gets up and also walks off. During the next science class, Kevin now starts to get a little worried about earthquakes. He glues the broken cup together, but neither Jack nor Norma are interested. Instead, Jack and Norma argue about Pepsi and her pottery class.
Norma leaves to get her vase from the kiln, and the Pepsi for Jack, but she returns having forgotten the soda. This starts a long argument between Jack and Norma. Jack walks out and doesn't return till after midnight. The next morning, things are a litle tense as the kids eat breakfast. Norma is getting ready to iron laundry as Jack enters. Jack and Norma say nothing to each other. Norma burns her hand on the iron and hurries to the sink for cold water. She starts to cry. Jack gently touches her shoulders. She turns around, and they hug. "I know it sounds strange - but that was the first time...I'd ever seen my parents alone together." Jack and Norma kiss tenderly. "I guess sometimes the ground can shift beneath your feet. Sometimes your footing slips - you stumble. And sometimes, you grab what's closest to you, and hold tight as you can."

Remark: This episode is the only one that lists Daniel Stern as the narrator.  He has also directed it (by Barry D. Sobolewski).

Remark: When Mr. Cantwell talked about "the destruction of earthquakes in Tokyo and Missouri," there is truth to the latter-named place as an earthquake prone-area (although it is in the Midwest, away from continental plates).  In southeastern Missouri, the New Madrid fault can be found, which runs from Marked Tree, Arkansas to Cairo, Illinois.  This fault experienced what many scientists have regarded as the strongest quakes in the US (based on the Richter scale) in late 1811 and early 1812 (by Tim Mottaz).

Tom Jones: "It's Not Unusual"
Nat King Cole: "When I Fall In Love"

Ben Stein                Mr. Cantwell
Episode 13 08 Feb 89 "Coda"
w: Todd W. Langen
d: Beth Hillshafer

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"Studying the piano strikes Kevin as an unbearable chore that takes him away from his first love, football. But when his piano teacher compliments his feel for the notes, it's music to Kevin's ears."

A child seem to have all the talents of an artist, a scientist, a sportsman and a wise man. Becoming an adult means giving up these dreams step by step. Kevin likes to play football with Paul and Doug, but hates his piano lessons. He wants to give up because Ronald Hershmuller is much better until the teacher tells his mother he has talent. He starts to practice vigorously and gets good. When Ronald should play the same piece (Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major"), Kevin gets nervous and messes up. He quits piano and does not go to the recital. Something he seemed to regret (at least in later life.)

Johan Pachelbel: "Canon in D Major"

Maxine Stuart           Mrs. Carples (piano teacher)
Joseph Dammann          Ronald Hirschmuller (piano student)
Brandon Crane           Doug Porter
Alexis Fish             Recital Student
Jake Jundeff            Recital Student
Michael Weiner          Recital Student
Episode 14 15 Feb 89 "Hiroshima, Mon Frere"
w: Matthew Carlson
d: Steve Miner
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"Brotherly love doesn't come easily for Kevin when the ever-obnoxious Wayne interferes with Kevin and Paul's science experiment involving hamsters."

In science class every student has to do an experiment. But Kevin and Paul do not know what to do. They are already late, but decide to do a hamster-maze experiment. That night Kevin's parents go out, leaving Karen in charge, but she goes on a date. Wayne invites his favorite girl, Angela, to come over, and teases Kevin and Paul meanwhile. He threatens to vacuum up a hamster, and accidently does, killing it.  Angela never comes over.  Kevin tells Wayne it's because she does not like him - no one does - because he is mean and nasty all the time. He actually hurts Wayne's feelings. Wayne later apologizes about the hamster, and Kevin and Wayne patch it up in a certain way.

Remark: The title refers to the movie classic "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" by Alain Resnais from 1959.

Goof: The scene in which Wayne sucks the hamster into the vacuum shows Kevin and Paul. Then, on the left side, it shows the hamster in the cage moving around just when Wayne suck the hamster into the vacuum (by Mark).

The Troggs: "Wild Thing"
Carole King: "Brother, Brother"

Ben Stein               Mr. Cantwell
Sarah Jo Martin         Angela (Wayne's love)
Ian Fried               Doug
Laura Mooney            Girl in Science Class
Erin Reed               Angela's Friend
Addie Friedman          Kevin as an old man
Sam Bernstein           Wayne as an old man
Episode 15 28 Feb 89 "Loosiers"
w: David M. Stern
d: Steve Miner

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"Paul's pitiful performance on the basketball court begins to affect his friendship with Kevin, who determines to help his pal bounce back."

Paul likes to talk about sports and does like to play basketball. But he is really bad. In P.E. (Physical Education), when the boys pick teams for basketball, Paul is picked just before Joey Harris, the worst player. Next time he is even last. So, Kevin goes to Coach Cutlip and asks him to make the teams more fair. Kevin is made captain, and he chooses all the losers. They lose indeed. But in the end basketball becomes fun again and winning isn't everything. (Team name: Kennedy Wildcats)

Goof: On the TV news in the Arnolds' living room, we see Russian tanks rolling into Prague. The actual date would be 20 / 21 August 1968 and not February 1969.

Remark: The title of the episode is "Loosiers." The Indiana University teams are the "Hoosiers", and people from that state in general are Hoosiers, also it is the name of a movie with Gene Hackman as a basketball coach (by Kyle Gittins).

Remark: At the end of episode 15 where Paul was picked last for gym basketball, a scene is shown of an older Kevin and Paul is still playing basketball many years later and Paul still throws it over the backboard like he did so often that episode. However, compare episode 54 where Paul plays on the basketball team and becomes a much better player (by anmalcracker).

Remark: The 1949 version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Brother Bones and the Shadows was obviously chosen for a special reason: The Harlem Globetrotters, the comedy basketball troupe uses the same version as their theme song (by Dan Pavelin).

James Taylor: "You've Got a Friend" (written by Carole King)
Johann Strauss: "Blue Danube Waltz"
Brother Bones and the Shadows: "Sweet Georgia Brown"

Robert Picardo          Mr. Cutlip
Dustin Diamond          Joey Harris (one of bad players)
Salim Grant             Patkus
Johnny Green            Stetson
Art Hoffman             Grimly
Adam Jeffries           Simeonee
Matt Norero             O'Hara

Marshall Raduziner      Norklen
Larenz Tate             Basketball Player
Kyle Thompson           Rygot

Episode 16 07 Mar 89 "Walk Out"
w: Matthew Carlson
d: Steve Miner

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"Elected to the student council--over Mr. Ed and Ringo Starr--Kevin bucks the system by organizing a protest against the war in Vietnam."

While Kevin is in the mens room, the class elects him to the students council. Paul also gets elected after handing out pencils and balloons. During the first meeting, Mark Hooper suggests a walkout to fight American imperialism in Vietnam. When the students hear that they could skip the classes, they like his idea. A comitee is founded for the strike. Mr. Diperna threatens to reprimand all who leave classes. Mr. Tyler, a progressive teacher, asks critical questions and tells the students that everybody has to make up his own mind and then take the consequences. The day of the walkout the teacher is ill and everyone is waiting for Kevin to walk first - he goes to the toilet. The students takes this as the sign, all 800 leave and sing together "Give peace a chance" on the campus.

Muddy Waters: "Hoochie Coochie Man"
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: "The Tracks of My Tears"
Country Joe & The Fish: "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag"
John Lennon: "Give Peace a Chance"

Linda Hoy               Mrs. Ritvo (teacher)
Raye Birk               Mr. Diperna (teacher)
Michael Manasseri       Mark Hooper (student)
Denis Arndt             Mr. Tyler (teacher)
Paul Harkins            Rusty  (student in the comitee)
Melissa Clayton         Karen (student, in the comitee)
Lindsay Price           Lori (student, in the comitee)
David Brian Markus      Student Body President
Kyle Thompson           1st Boy
Brandon Crane           2nd Boy
Robin Thicke            3rd Boy
Sean DeVertich          4th Boy
Tanya Fenmore           1st Girl
Misty McCoy             2nd Girl
Sheila Pinkham          Strange Woman

Episode 17 14 Mar 89 "Nemesis"
w: Matthew Carlson

d: Daniel Stern

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"For Kevin, his breakup with Becky gives new meaning to the phrase 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'."

Kevin wakes up, not wanting to go to school, until he remembers he is going to see...her, Winnie Cooper. In English class, both Becky and Winnie look at him, and whisper, making Kevin nervous.  In response to a question from Miss White about vindictive females in literature, Becky responds "I think revenge is just a natural part of life. When someone does something bad to you, you feel like doing something even worse back to them." When Kevin and Winnie walk home from school, she suddenly runs into her house, followed by Kevin. Winnie has gotten the flu, which makes Kevin happy. "I brought her her homework assignments...I took care of her...I entertained her...We were closer than we'd ever been. And I was happier than I'd ever been". Later at school, Kevin is given the cold shoulder by all the kids he had made fun of with Becky. Now, Kevin is worried Becky has told Winnie what he said about her. He runs over to Winnie's, hoping to get there before Becky. No luck, she is leaving just as he gets to her house. It turns out Becky has told everybody,  with exception of Winnie, what Kevin said about the other kids. Later, Kevin and Becky have a fierceful confrontion about it.
Now, Kevin is in bed with the flu. Winnie comes over to "visit", launches into a tirade as she imitates Kevin teasing the kids, then bounces on the bed. She says, "Hi, I'm Kevin Arnold. . . I cut them down behind their backs. Oh, are you sick?" She throws a blanket at Kevin, then stomps out. "I guess that's when it hit me. Winnie wasn't going to forgive me for the things I'd said. It could only mean one thing...She wanted me bad!" Kevin watches through the window as she walks home angrily, still wearing his jacket. She re-emerges, looks toward Kevin, then throws his jacket on her front yard. She goes back inside, and Kevin smiles.

The Temptations: "My Girl"
Hugo Montenegro: "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" (Scene of Kevin and Becky outside school as they face off like gunfighters)

Wendel Meldrum        Miss White (later Mrs. Heimer, see episode 37)
Crystal McKellar      Becky Slater
Krista Murphy         Carla Healey
Michael Landes        Kirk McCray
B.J. Barie            Huge Kid
Skip O'Brien          Bus Driver
Sean DeVeritch        Bobby (student)
Laura Mooney          Donna (student)
Episode 18 28 Mar 89 "Fate"
w: Bob Brush

d: Steve Miner

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"Kevin's fear that he might have to stand up to a school bully turns to rage when he learns that the bully has an interest in Winnie."

Winnie still refuses to talk to Kevin for the things he said (see episode 17). Kevin talks himself into a rage in history class, comparing the causes of war to his problems with Winnie and Becky. When Eddie, the school bully, is breaking into Winnie's locker, Kevin confronts him. Mr. Diperna sees the situation and makes Eddie apologize to Kevin. From then on, Kevin and Eddie are at odds. Later, Kevin and Paul  see Winnie with Eddie together - he has his hand on her shoulder, and she likes it! Carla tells Paul and Kevin  that Winnie and Eddie have been going out for a week. Kevin later confronts Winnie at her house. She is unfriendly and tells him how nice Eddie is. Next time in school, Eddie knocks Kevin down and teases him - saying Winnie called him a jerk. After Eddie treats Winnie badly and she runs off, Kevin confronts Eddie, and gets beaten up. Winnie come back as Kevin lies on the floor, and she and Paul walk him home.

Cream: "Born Under a Bad Sign"
Aretha Franklin: "Respect"

Bobby Jacoby            Eddie Pinetti
Nat Bernstein           Mr. Skenk (history teacher)
Raye Birk               Mr. Diperna (assistant principal)
Krista Murphy           Carla Healey
Matt Levin              (Eddie's) Henchman

Justin Whalin           (Eddie's) Henchman (Mark Kovinsky in episode 50)
Ryan Rushton            Kid
Erica Gayle             Girl
Episode 19 11 Apr 89 "Birthday Boy"
w: David M. Stern
d: Steve Miner
"News of Paul's bar mitzvah leaves Kevin somewhat envious, and also gets him to wondering about Arnold family traditions--and the ritual of 'becoming a man'."

Kevin's 13th birthday is just four days before Paul's, but Kevin's party and Paul's Bar Mitzvah are scheduled for the same day. When Paul tells about the present of $1000 he expects, Kevin gets envious. He is invited for dinner to the Pfeiffers, where Mr. Pfeiffer, who as an optometrist, admires Kevin for his eyesight, Debbie flirts with him, and Grandpa  Pfeiffer tells the same old stories everybody knows by heart. But Kevin sees what wonderful family tradition this family has, and asks his Mom about his family history. She answers that Jack's mother was Italian with an Romanian mother, and Jack's father was Polish. Norma's grandparents came from Scandinavia - or was it Norway (she's confused, herself.). He feels like a "mutt". At least the interest to work on their cars was transmitted from Grampa Arnold to his son and grandson.  Kevin gets boring birthday presents - a shirt, a thesaurus, a wallet - and a poem from Karen. Kevin goes to Paul's Bar Mitzvah, just as Paul's ceremony is starting. They all have a great time.

Remark: Although not mentioned in the endtitles, a real rabbi, Rabbi Richard Schachet, did the Bar Mitzvah (by Beth Burnham).

Remark: In this episode Paul's middle name is mentioned: Joshua.

Remark: The band at Paul's Bar Mitzvah party plays a hit song from 1968 called "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy" by Ohio Express (by Ken Stephenson).

Goof: In this episode Paul's bar mitzvah is set, according to tradition, for the first Saturday after his 13th birthday; set for March 18. This conflicts with Kevin's 13th birthday "party" that actually falls on that Saturday. Funny, March 18, 1969 was a Tuesday. March 18th does not even fall on a Saturday in 1968 or 1970 (by David Lefkowitz).

Goof: When Paul went up and read his Parasha (or the thing in Hebrew), he read "Deuteronomy: Ki Seitzei: Mapthir(last part)". The only reason I recognized this was because this was my Parasha on my Bar-Miztvah. The only thing is, I was born on August 19 while Paul's birthday was on March 18 (by Neer Roggel).

Tune Weavers: "Happy, Happy Birthday Baby"
Ohio Express: "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"
Simon & Garfunkel: "Bookends Theme"
"Hava Nagila/Come Let Us Rejoice"

Philip Sterling         Grandpa Pfeiffer
John C. Moskoff         Alvin Pfeiffer (Paul's father)
Stephanie Satie         Ida Pfeiffer (Paul's mother)
Torrey Ann Cook         Debbie Pfeiffer (Paul's sister)
Gregory "Mars" Martin   Steve
Zachary Benjamin        Young Kevin Arnold
Benjamin Diskin         Young Paul Pfeiffer

Episode 20 18 Apr 89 "Brightwing"
w: Matthew Carlson
d: Daniel Stern

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"Kevin feels an extra special bond with Karen after she entrusts him with her secret and welcomes into her group of hippie friends who cut classes to hang out on 'The Hill'."

Kevin is suspicious when Karen asks him to do a favor and drop a note off at a locker in her high school. She is skipping school every Wednesday. When she asks him again, he reads the note and follows her to "the hill". When Karen gets caught for ditching, she promises Kevin she'll stop doing it as well as going to the hill. She runs away to San Francisco instead, but comes back crying and being sorry she did it. [no Winnie]

Bob Dylan: "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (from 1965)
Iron Butterfly: "In a Gadda Da-vida"
Traffic: "You Can All Join In"
Donovan: "Catch the Wind"

Darren Powell           George (guidance counselor)
Kyra Stempel            Julie (Karen's friend)
Jodie Rae               Young Karen Arnold
Devon Pierce            Sandy
Trevor Owen             1st Guy at the Rock (Brightwing)
Episode 21 02 May 89 "Square Dance"
w: Todd W. Langen
d: Tom Moore
"Partnered for gym-class square-dancing with a strange girl, Kevin fights to preserve his reputation, even though he finds her strangely interesting."
When the adult Kevin, of course not shown in person, looks through his high school yearbook of 1969, he sees faces that he will never forget and asks himself what has happened to these people in the meantime. Becky Slater could have become a gossip columnist or a divorce lawyer. And Miss White, who has written "All best forever, Miss White": she has probably not thought about him since then...
And there are people that one should better have forgotten. When Cutlip comes to unit 7 in his "Guide to Physical Education" - square dancing, Paul is matched with beautiful Heidi and Kevin with weird Margaret Farquhar. She has three pigtails and wears glasses. With her stupid question she could make even Gandhi mad. Everyone pokes fun at him and calls them a couple. Kevin tries to stay away from her. But then Margaret visits him at home together with her pet, Mortimer the Bat. An interesting conversation develops. She has three pigtails because this gives her always an extra rubber band. And she cannot have a dog because her father is in the army and they have move twelve times during the last eight years. Therefore the bat. He promises to visit her, walks over, rings the bell and runs off -feeling watched by all his class.
Next day in school, he tells her he cannot be her friend in public. She gets angry and disappointed. The students discover their dispute and make fun of her again. The adult Kevin sees that he was not courageous enough to defend her, the one who has become a professor in biology and a mother of six. [no Winnie]

"Turkey In The Straw"

Robert Picardo          Mr. Cutlip
Lindsay Fisher          Margaret Farquhar
Michael Tricario        Randy Mitchell
Johnny Green            Mike
Ashlie Walker           Heidi (Gambowski, Paul's dance partner)
Wendy Bowers            Miss Bruntley

Episode 22 09 May 89 "Whose Woods Are These?"
w: Bob Brush
d: Peter Horton
"Kevin's idyllic memories of Harper's Woods, where he first kissed Winnie, may be all that's left when a bulldozer arrives to transform his childhood paradise into a shopping mall."

Kevin asks Winnie for a walk to Harper's Woods, where they had their first and only kiss (see episode 1). When they arrive, Paul is there to tell them about the workers who will turn this lovely place into a new shopping mall. All three kids run back to their parents to discover that they already know and do not care. Then they ask Kevin's sister Karen who tells them about democracy and what to do. So Paul, Kevin and Winnie go to the City Council. They cannot stop the inevitable. Kevin is angry and gets into trouble with the assistant principal. At the end Kevin, Winnie and Paul meet unintentionally at Harper's Woods and have a final game of "chasey" or "tag" (Winnie was "it") the night before it gets torn down . They scratch their initials in the cement at the new mall.

Remark: The song "Happy Days Are Here Again" plays during the celebration after Kevin's speech. The following is the "most recognizable" part we associate with the melody: Cause happy days are here again,  The skies above are clear again!, Let's sing a song of cheer again, Happy days are here again! The song was used by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1932 Presidential campaign, and has become the theme song for the Democats ever since (by Kyle Gittins).

Erik Satie: "Trois Gymnopédies" (No. 1) (not Satie's original piano-solo, this version is called "Variations On A Theme By Eric Satie".Arranged by Dick Halligan.)
"Happy Days Are Here Again" (composed by C. Milton Ager & Jack Yellen, 1929)
Judy Collins: "In My Life"

Madison Mason           Foreman
Matthew Faison          City Hall Official
Raye Birk               Mr. Diperna (assistant principal)
Angela Paton            Woman at City Hall
Charles Kahlenberg      Man #2 at City Hall
Jeremy Yablan           Young Kevin Arnold
Daniel Lee              Young Paul Pfeiffer
Jenny Drugan            Young Winnie Cooper
Episode 23 16 May 89 "How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation"
w: Jane Anderson
d: Michael Dinner

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"School's out for the summer, but Kevin is crestfallen because Paul is going on vacation and Winnie seems to be giving him the brushoff after he bared his soul in her yearbook."

Finally, 7th grade is coming to an end. Paul tells Kevin he is going away for the summer, and all Winnie can write in his yearbook is "have a neat summer". But, when Kevin tries to tell Winnie he did not mean it when he wrote "I Love You" in her yearbook, Winnie kisses him. Kevin is confused when he goes to the Cooper's party and it seems that Winnie is avoiding him. So he confronts her. Finally, he realizes that the Coopers are going through troubles related to Brian's death (see episode 1). It is obvious they are breaking up. Winnie's dad moves to Chicago (see episode 28). Miss White announces her upcoming marriage making Kevin feel very disappointed. In addition, Winnie is going to Maine with her mom for the summer (see next episode starting the new season).

Remark: There are deliberate references to the movie "The Graduate" in this episode.  The overhead shot of Kevin lying on the lounge chair with goggles on, and the scene at the barbecue where Jack introduces Kevin to Mr. Ermin (the guy with the big lawn), have direct points of contact with scenes from Dustin Hoffman's breakthrough film.  Of course, the inclusion of Simon & Garfunkel's music nails down this inference (by Fredric Weiner). The Simon & Garfunkel song is called "Scarborough Fair (/Canticle)" (the two songs are sung simultaneously after the first verse of "Scarborough Fair") but has an alternative title: "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme."  So Simon & Garfunkel shouldn't have two different listings (by Ken Stephenson).

Remark: Cantwell sings (if you can call it singing!) to a record of "La vie en rose," a popular song from Paris in the 20s.

Editing goof: Kevin is lying in the lawn chair recliner. When Winnie appears first, she is in front of him, when they change the shot she is behind him (by Kevin Fleming).

Goof: In this episode Kevin is complaining to his mother about how lousy his summer is going to be since Winnie is going to Maine and Paul is going to the lake for the summer. He mentions that he wished he could go on a vacation and his mother says maybe next year or something like that. But then the next episode, the season opener which would have happened soon after, is based on the Arnold family vacation in New Jersey (by Brandon).

Editing goof: Its the last day of the school year and Kevin has a year book, the one Winnie wrote in.  About 10 minutes through the show you see him leaving the school with just a binder, without his year book.  Did he throw it away? Or maybe lost it? (by Darin)

Percy Faith Orchestra: "A Summer Place (Theme)"
The Doors: "Light My Fire"
The Platters: "Smoke Get in Your Eyes"
Chordettes: "Never on Sunday"
Flamingos: "I Only Have Eyes For You"
Simon & Garfunkel: "Scarborough Fair (/Canticle)" (The closing music)

Wendel Meldrum          Miss White (teacher)
Lynn Milgrim            Mrs. Cooper (Winnie's mother)
H. Richard Greene       Mr. Cooper (Winnie's father)
Raye Birk               Mr. Diperna (assistant principal)
Ben Slack               Mr. Ermin
Ben Stein               Mr. Cantwell
Brandon Crane           Doug (Porter) (not seen by Kyle)
Ian Fried               Nerd
Risa Littman            Girl

Danny McMurphy          Greaser (not seen by Kyle)
Bentley Mitchum         Brian Cooper (Winnie's brother)
Robert Picardo          (Ed )Cutlip

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