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Episode 94 23 Sep 92 "Homecoming"

w: Bob Brush
d: Michael Dinner

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"Homecoming 1972: prankster Kevin tries to heist the opposing team's mascot, an owl; and Wayne's pal (Scott Menville) returns from Vietnam a changed man."

It is Fall 1972 and Kevin feels that he runs out of time. Car, girlfriend, well, something should happen soon (pretitle sequence). "And I was gonna bust if something didn't happen...soon."  Kevin still works for Mr. Chong and delivers chinese food in the car that he has bought from his Grandpa (see episode 81) and is now an ad for the restaurant. Therefore Winnie is ashamed to come with him. Kevin plots to steal the opposing team's owl mascot, thinking it will make him a hero. At the point, Kevin want to go "further", but Winnie frosts him, as usual - "Wait! I love this song"..."Wait! Can you roll down the window a little?"..."Wait!". "'Wait!'- It was kind of her motto". Kevin now feels even worse. "I was living in a world where go meant stop. Where yes meant no. While out there, in the real world...things were happening." Later, Kevin bungles the first attempt to steal the owl, making him feel even worse. When Wart returns, much more confident and amiable, he has the respect of everyone, even Kevin's parents, which makes Kevin feel worse, again. At the homecoming game, Wart gets rattled when someone yells "murderer" over the loudspeaker, and goes for a walk. "What the heck. You had to figure where he'd been, the guy could take care of himself." Kevin finally steals the owl from the Central High bus, and celebrates.  "The thing is, I had no plan. No idea what to do next. It didn't matter. All I knew was...I'd seen my chance. I'd taken the risk. I'd earned my stripes." But then, Kevin sees Wart in the distance. "And I guess that's when I saw it clearly. Sitting on that bench...on the third-base line. And his clothes were in a little pile on the ground." Wayne also finds him, crying, and offers him his shirt. Wart stands and they hug. "They say men are children. But, sometimes ... children are men. Maybe that's where the confusion lies. All I knew was...that night...the world seemed suddenly very big. And I felt very small. So I did what I could." Kevin lets the owl go free. Cut to the narration over the football game: "1972 was a crazy time. Kids played football...drove cars...went to  school...celebrated life." Cut to Wayne walking Wart to Kevin's car as Kevin follows: "While soldiers - heroes...their brothers, struggled to find their way home from war." Fade to Kevin asleep in bed: "While young boys watched, and grew their dreams."

Remark:  The first episode with the different opening theme in which:
1. the "What would you do if I sang out of tune" lyrics do not appear
2. the three repeating sounds sound like an electric guitar,
3. all that is shown are pictures from history except for the photo of Kevin.
4. no "In stereo where available" note is shown at the bottom
(by Anthony Simon)

Remark: Two "homecomings" are happening in this episode. First is the homecoming football game, and second is Wart returning from Vietnam.

Remark: In episode 87, Wayne was excluded from the army because of psoriasis.  However, when he is shown with his shirt off in this episode, there are no signs of the skin disease (by Dennis Barron).

Snuffy's: "Find Their Way Home"
The Association: Cherish
Giovanni Ribisi Jeff Billings (new classmate, first child Kevin has met whose parents were divorced)
Scott Nemes Ricky Halsenbach
Don Perry  Mr. Deeks (senior high school history teacher)
Michael Alaimo Eddie
Scott Menville Wart (real name David Wirtschafter, Wayne's friend)

Episode 95 30 Sep 92 "Fishing"
w: Phil Doran
d: Greg Beeman
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"The Arnold men embark on what might be the last of their father-son fishing rituals, soaked this year with rain, road closures, feuds and fires."

Every three years Kevin and Wayne go on the camp-out and fishing trip with their dad (pretitle sequence). But they realise that it is the last time. The place has changed and they no longer find it enjoyable. Everything goes wrong. The road to the river is closed, the tents too small, it rains, they lose a 30lb fish, and in the middle of a scuffle between the boys the tent catches on fire. Finally they drive home. [no Winnie]

Canned Heat: "Going Up the Country"
Taj Mahal: "Fishing Blues"
Melanie MacQueen Young Woman

Episode 96 7 Oct 92 "Scenes from a Wedding"

w: Michael Curtis & Gregory S. Malins (story), Jon Harmon Feldman (teleplay)
d: Michael Dinner
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"The Arnolds attend a gala wedding, an occasion rife with romantic possibilities for Kevin, who has his first taste of too much champagne."

The Arnold's go to a wedding for Candy, the daughter of Jack's boss, Arthur. Kevin thinks he will have a boring time, until he meets Linda, one of the bridesmaids. She asks if he has any "grass". He tells her he's "fresh out". They agree to meet later to drink some Champagne. Meanwhile, Arthur wants to dance and talk with Norma all the time, which irritates Jack. Wayne tries to talk to Candy, but she avoids him. Kevin tries to get a bottle of Champagne from the bartender, but can't. Wayne gives him a bottle, but takes it back after Candy avoids him again. Kevin tries again, but gets intercepted by Linda's Aunt Muriel - "Mrs. Robinson's stunt-double" - and has to dance with her. Kevin finally gets a bottle, and ends up drinking it all while waiting for Linda. When Linda shows up, Kevin throws up - (probably on her). After freshening up in the men's room, Kevin witnesses Jack telling Arthur to get his arm off Norma, or he's "gonna break it off." Kevin is impressed when Peter, the groom, gives a nice speech, telling how he was glad he and Candy "waited" until they got married. Wayne tells him that he and Candy "did" it - at a wedding.[Winnie is shown only as a reflection in Kevin's hand and in a short repeat]

Remark: The bridesmaid introduces herself as "Linda Carr."

Jim Croce: "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"
Stevie Wonder: "For Once in My Life"
Helen Reddy: "I am Woman"
Ringo Starr: "Back Off, Boogaloo"
Carpenters or Bread: "We've Only Just Begun"
Frank Sinatra: "Fly Me to the Moon"
Paul Gleason Arthur Jensen (Mr. Arnold's boss)
Bette Ford Aunt Muriel (Linda Sloan's aunt)
Sara Melson Linda (Carr, bridesmaid)
Aimee Graham Candy Jensen (bride)
Tom Wood Peter Rotelli (bridegroom) 
Sal Jenco Sal (guest)
Mandy Ingber Andrea (guest)
Doug Kerzner Morgan (guest)
Michole White Cynthia (guest, black girl)

Episode 97 14 Oct 92 "Sex and Economics"

w: Jon Harmon Feldman (teleplay), John Bunzel (story)
d: Ken Topolsky

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"Cash-poor Kevin accepts a house-painting job---his first and maybe his last---from Miss Farmer (Rebecca Staab), an enticing social-studies teacher."

Kevin has no money although still working for Mr. Chong. He cannot take out Winnie for a dinner and even tries to pay gas with a potato chip. So he needs a second job. But there is Miss Farmer, Kevin's gorgeous sociology teacher, who needs her house painted. Kevin offers to do it and she gives him $510 for the material. He hires Joey Jimmy and Eddie who do not work. It ends up costing Kevin $200 of his own money. When he goes over to Miss Farmer, he finds out that she has to sell the house to Mr. Kaplan. [only one short scene with Winnie]

Bachman Turner Overdrive: "Takin' Care of Business"
Inks Spots or The Platters: "If I didn't Care"

Rebecca Staab           Miss Lisa Farmer
Seth Green              Jimmy Donnelly
Demian Slade            Joey Spinoza
Scott Nemes             Ricky Halsenbach
Michael Tricario        Randy Mitchell
Jeremy Davies           Eddie Horvath (senior highschool          
William Bronder         Mr. Glidden (paintshop)
Jack McGee              Mr. Kaplan
Michael Weiner          Dominick (senior highschool student)
Wendy Cooke             Felicia
Episode 98 21 Oct 92 "Politics as Usual"
w: Craig Hoffman
d: Bryan Gordon
"A charismatic McGovern campaigner (Lance Guest) brings Winnie and Kevin into the political arena, where Kevin, believing the man is an opponent in the race for Winnie's affections, gets a taste of power politics."
In 1972 the Nixon-McGovern campaign stirrs up the political interest. Winnie admires Mike Detweiller, a young charismatic McGovern campaigner. So she signs herself and Kevin up for the campaign. Mrs. Arnold is also fond of McGovern because he supports the new role of women in society.  Kevin believes Mike is an opponent in the race for Winnie's affections and gets envious. Four days before election day Mike asks Winnie to stay longer for a core group meeting. Kevin, filled with jealousy, runs out of the office.  Later that night Kevin and Jeff waiting in front of the campaign office.  When the lights go out, Kevin breaks into the dim democratic bureau at 9.22 p.m. But there he finds a group of people and McGovern, who thanks him for his contribution. Kevin leaves and believes to have no chance against Detweiller. Finally it is Election Day, Tuesday the 7th of November. As soon as Kevin listens to the radio in his room and hears about McGovern's success in Massachusetts, he rushes to the bureau to celebrate victory.  On the way he sees all the TVs running and gets the impression of an important moment in history.  However, when he arrives, the defeat is obvious.  Mike tells Winnie that it is just politics and McGovern has not had a chance anyway. So her dreams and enthusiasm get cooled down and finds comfort at Kevin's side. 
Winnie and Detweiller (courtesy RTL2)
Remark: The song "After All" by Cher and Peter Cetera was not released until around the spring of 1989, when "The Wonder Years" was in the midst of its second season, 17 years after that episode took place (by Tim Mottaz).

Char/Peter Cetera: "After All"

Lance Guest             Mike Detweiller (McGovern campaigner)
Giovanni Ribisi         Jeff Billings (classmate)
Gordon Clapp            Bruce Leegee (Nixon campaigner)
Renee Faia              Peggy Kimball (McGovern campaigner)
Paul Dupratt            Man
Gracia Lee              Old Woman
Episode 99 28 Oct 92 "White Lies"
w: Jon Harmon Feldman & Robin Riordan
d: Peter Baldwin

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"With the family away, Kevin invites Winnie over to study, but the next day in the locker room he talks the talk, letting his pals believe that he also walks the walk."

Some people never find true love in their lives, but Kevin knows that he was one of lucky - looking back to 1972, when he was 16. The episode starts again in Kevin's car with the Chinese food sign, standing on the hill (see episode 94). Although being six years together with Kevin, Winnie does not want to go further in the relation, because she fears losing control. Back in school the peer pressure grows; the boys boast about their experience with girlfriends. So Kevin invites Winnie over to study for the SAT, when his parents are gone - not without ulterior motive. He sets the trap and Winnie realizes it. But they just talk, have a good time, watch the "Big Sleep" and finally fall asleep on the lounge. Kevin wakes up at 7 a.m. and brings her back to her home. In school Winnie tells him that her parents were trusting them. He is tense and feels not taken serious. In the locker room the boys put pressure on him once again. He says that Winnie has stayed overnight and they should know what that means. When Kevin and Winnie meet at lunch, her friends tell her and she runs off. He talks to his dad, who tells he should apologize immediately, but would not have a big chance. He drives over and blows it with a lukewarm "I am sorry but...". So she breaks up with him. Looking back at this time the narrator Kevin says that he has thrown something away that some people never get [key episode, explains why at the end of The Wonder Years they will not be couple].

Remark: We see the ad on the right side of Kevin's dark blue car.  It stretches from one wheel to the other and says in wavy capital letters "CHONG'S CHINESE".  The letters are red with black borders and they end in a yellow dragon head with a red tongue.

The Everly Brothers: "Wake Up Little Susie"
"Can't We Go Back"

Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck (Coleman)
Chance Quinn            Kenny (classmate)
Jason Horst             Jay (classmate)
Episode 100 11 Nov 92 "Wayne and Bonnie"
w: Sy Rosen
d: Greg Beeman
"Wayne's fast-moving courtship with new girlfriend Bonnie (Paula Marshall), an older divorcie with  a baby, leaves Kevin feeling alone and desperate to talk to a friend."

Jack has moved up to the middle management at NORCOM and finds himself in a stressy situation - parts are late! Wayne is also working at NORCOM (see episode 92) and is dating Bonnie, a co-worker. They seem very happy together. At first, Jack and Norma are doubtful about the relationship because Bonnie is 23, divorced, and has a 6-month old boy, but at dinner, Bonnie impresses both of them. Meanwhile, Kevin and Winnie are still off, due to the rumor in the previous episode, and Kevin is trying to find a present for her. He goes to her house armed with a very large stuffed Teddy bear. Winnie has Phil over to study for the SAT's (to actually study), and no one mentions the bear. Kevin feels bad, and later invites a girl he meets at the diner, Cindy, to the NORCOM picnic. At the picnic, Wayne and Norma have a big argument, because Wayne is going to move in with Bonnie. Cindy gets excited when she sees the stuffed bear in Kevin's trunk. Kevin finds out she is in 7th grade, and gives her the Teddy bear - she is going to name it Kevin. When Kevin returns later that night, he finds Jack at the kitchen table, as Wayne is about to leave with his bag of stuff. Jack gives Wayne an emotional speech, but Wayne leaves anyway. Kevin returns to Winnie's house, and apologizes. Winnie invites him in to talk. The final scenes: (Wayne unloads his things from his car at Bonnie's.) "Sometimes love is unexpected..." (Bonnie walks up to him, holding David.) "And unpredictable. Sometimes..." (Wayne waves a baseball glove in front of David.) "You just have to go with your heart." (Fade to Jack and Norma's bedroom. Norma is sitting in bed. Jack sits on top of it, looking off. Norma holds his arm.) "And hope for the best."

The Miracles: "You Better Shop Around"

Paula Marshall          Bonnie Douglas
Heather Allen           Cindy Fleming (approaches Kevin at the diner)
Bret Anthony            Phil Stephens (learns with Winnie)
Brandis Kemp            Sales Lady
Episode 101 25 Nov 92 "Kevin Delivers"
w: Frank Renzulli
d: Arthur Albert
"A day in the life of Kevin Arnold, Chinese-food deliveryboy, promises a serving of long hours, new faces, some high tippers and a few surprises."

Kevin delivers Mr. Chong's Chinese food now for four months (see episodes 92, 94, 97). We meet the people he encounters and the trouble (lonely old lady, a junkie, a dog, we have not ordered etc). There is also competition: The Fioni's Pizza Guy. He always tries to call Winnie from the restaurant and gets in trouble with Mr. Chong. It is nearly impossible to leave early to see Winnie. The last order comes from Winnie - happy end [only one short appearance of Winnie].

Goof: After Kevin pays to get his car from the tow service, the narrator says "Ten o'clock. I was out of money..." as Kevin drives up to Mrs. Tambora's house. He then decides to set the pizza guy up with Mrs. Tambora. Yet when he gets back to Chong's Chinese for the last delivery, he's says' "But, it's ten o'clock! - The restaurant's closed!" Where did the pizza cooking time, the pizza delivery time, and Kevin' s return time go? (by Kyle Gittins).

Johann Sebastian Bach: "Tocata and Fugue in D minor"
Sam & Dave: "Soul Man"
Marcie Blane: "Bobby's Girl"
Aretha Franklin: "Respect"
Leslie Gore: "It's My Party"
Blood, Sweat & Tears: "You've Made Me So Very Happy" (1969) (Kevin is singing this song with this vocal group in his car for very short seconds)
R. B. Greaves: "Take A Letter Maria" (1969) (very short)
Ben E. King: "Stand by Me" (last song, happy end with Winnie)

Michael Paul Chan       Mr. Chong
Ellen Albertini Dow     Mrs. Tambora (old lonely lady)
Adam Stradlin           Pizza Guy
Episode 102 2 Dec 92 "The Test"
w: Robin Riordan
d: Ken Topolsky

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"Kevin faces a crisis anticipating his upcoming college aptitude tests, while Jack's crisis is brought on by a Norcom job evaluation that rates him as merely "competent.""

Kevin and his classmates have to sit his SATs. Everybody gets nervous and makes mistakes, even Paul Pfeiffer. Winnie is very much in love with Kevin and is therefore concerned about their future. When they sit together in Kevin's car, she keeps on talking about the SAT between the kisses. Kevin dreams about the SAT as a TV game show. He has to chose between number 1, 2 and 3. He gets 20 years at NORCOM or life as a donkey. The choice he has not taken is a life of ease with the girl of his dreams: Paul is sitting there with Winnie and a yacht in the background. Kevin's dad got his annual evaluation at NORCOM, which was quite depressing. So he thinks about leaving his job after 20 years and buying a furniture business together with his colleague Charlie Barrett. It is expensive and his wife is not happy about the plan. But he makes the decision and set an example to Kevin how take risks. For the future of that plant see next episode. [only three short appearances by Winnie]

Remark: The song "Stuck in the Middle With You" came out 1973, one year after the events of this episode (by Kingpin).

Remark: The Ice Cream Store scene was filmed at "Swensons Ice Cream" place in Studio City, CA (by John Ladd).

Goof:  Towards the end of this episode Kevin and his dad enter the warehouse. Just as they turn their backs to the camera and look around, you can glimpse the boom microphone at the top of the screen.  It is easy to spot because it swings a bit.  A moment later you can see it again in another shot from the same angle (by Adam Mallinger).

Steelers Wheel: "Stuck in the Middle With You"

John Pleshette          Charlie Barrett
Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck (Coleman)
Michael Tricario        Randy (Mitchell)
Willie C. Carpenter     Mr. Glavin (black teacher)
Pat Crawford Brown      Teacher
Mel Green               Owner
Jan Stratton            Cashier
and Monty Hall
Episode 103 16 Dec 92 "Let Nothing You Dismay"
w: Craig Hoffman
d: Ken Topolsky
"The Arnolds have much to celebrate at Christmas, despite Jack's setback and Kevin's need for a raise to buy Winnie (Danica McKellar) a cashmere sweater."

Mom has graduated from college and Dad is proud co-owner of the furniture plant. Kevin wants to buy a present for Winnie. He sees her coming out of an expensive store with a big parcel. Kevin thinks it is his present and decides to buy Winnie a cashmere sweater there. It costs $99.99; so he has to work for Mr. Chong on Christmas Eve to get it. Kevin's dad gets dumped by his business partner, Charlie Barrett, who goes back to NORCOM. But Mr Arnold gets the necessary loan for the business because his wife goes to the bank and talks to them. At Christmas Kevin gives the sweater to Winnie and receives an LP of "Bread" and a kiss. The Arnolds have their Christmas turkey in the plant together with Wayne and his girlfriend.

Remark: The music of the band "Bread" was used for the episodes 75 and perhaps 96.

Remark:  The Wonder Years Christmas episodes: Second season: episode 9, forth season: episode 55 (with Cutlip!), fifth season: episode 78, sixth season: episode 103. The first season started after Christmas, the third season had no Christmas episode.

"Twelve Days of Christmas"

Paula Marshall          Bonnie Douglas
John Pleshette          Charlie Barrett
Michael Paul Chan       Mr. Chong
Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Laurel Adams            Carolyn
Episode 104 6 Jan 93 "New Year"
w: Jon Harmon Feldman
d: Tom Moore
Kevin dreams of a romantic vacation with Winnie and his friend in a ski lodge. Wayne is very much into family life with Bonnie and her baby. He is shouting his family and Winnie to an expensive New Year's dinner. They end up going. But Bonnie comes late and alone to tell Kevin that she has met her ex-husband James and has therefore broke up with Wayne. Winnie and Kevin leave to look for Wayne and find him in a Blue Ribbon Laundry Wash. It ends with a midnight kiss for Kevin and Winnie.

Quote: Narrator, adult Kevin: 1972 was a memory, like it or not. The funny thing is, looking back now, what I remember most is how it ended. So maybe that New Years Eve 1972 didn't work out exactly like we had planned. There was heartbreak we didn't anticipate and events we couldn't haveimagined. Still, it wasn't all bad. There was a magician. So maybe there was a message in it all. The future was calling us and no matter what, there was no turning back now."

Maurice Jarre: "Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme)"
Paul Anka: "Steel Guitar Dancers"
Guy Lombardo: "Auld Land Syne"

Paula Marshall          Bonnie Douglas
Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Episode 105 13 Jan 93 "Alice in Autoland"
w: Robin Riordan
d: Arthur Albert
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"A classmate's super-salesman dad (Victor Raider-Wexler) offers Kevin a "really good deal" (wink, wink) on a used car---a deal that calls for Kevin to betray a friend (Andrew Mark Berman)."

Chuck Coleman and Alice Pedermeir are together and breaking up over and over again. They have communication problems like King Kong and Fay Wray. Kevin has trouble with the car that he has bought from his Grandpa (episode 81 and episode 94) and that is now falling into pieces. He and Winnie are spending more time for repair than for romance. At lunch in school Alice suggest that he should get in contact with her father, the car dealer Pistol Pete Pedemeir. So Chuck, Kevin and Alice meet him in the afternoon. He asks Kevin to come back the next day. In the morning Kevin wants to tell Winnie but gets dragged into a discussion by Chuck who was again dumped by Alice. Chuck asks him to forget the Pedermeirs. But people laugh again about Kevin's car. So he meets Alice later that day. They go on a test drive and she comes on to him. Chuck sees them and goes off. At the end Kevin has his old car back and Chuck and Alice are together again.

Remark: Chuck and Alice have met in episode 89. For the future of their relation see episode 110 and episode 111 .

Remark: In episode 105, Kevin is shown being introduced to Alice's father at his car dealership. If you look closely in the background of this scene, you can see the rose logo of "The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade" on the door of the business. This makes it a sure thing that "The Wonder Years" takes place in California...maybe Pasadena (by Matt Wilson).

Al Green: "Let Stay Together"
Johnny Rivers: "Swayin' to the Music"

Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Victor Raider-Wexler    Pistol Pete Pedermier
Lindsay Sloane          Alice Pedermier (Chuck's girlfriend, classmate)
Episode 106 27 Jan 93 "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones"
w: Kim Friese
d: Peter Baldwin
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"Kevin (Fred Savage) is grounded, but he sneaks the car out to check on a rumor about the Rolling Stones, said to be appearing at a roadhouse outside of town."

A rumour is going around that the Rolling Stones are playing at Joe's Place. Kevin does not believe it. But Winnie convinces him to go and imagines a wonderful evening about which they can tell their kids in future. He has got a speeding ticket and his dad does not allow him to drive his own car. But he drives his parents' car when they are out with customers. When Kevin, Winnie, Paul, Jeff and Chuck arrive, Joe does not know who the Rolling Stones are. They decide that there must be another Joe and leave. Kevin gets again stopped for speeding. Winnie tells the police man about her sick grandma and they can leave. So they drive to all the places that have Joe in their name. They end at a place called Wally's Inn and get chased away by the owner. Kevin hits a car at the parking lot. Totally frustrated the friends drive home. When Kevin's father comes home, the driver hits the Arnold's car right at that spot. The last scene shows the Stones tourbus in front of Joe's Place.

Remark: Kevin has caused another car accident in episode 80.

Mott The Hoople: "All the way from Memphis"
The Rolling Stones: "Brown Sugar"

Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
O'Neal Compton          Zeke
Travis McKenna          Joe the Bartender 
Gary Lee Davis          Cop
T.V. Reeves             Cop
Tom McCleister          Wally (owner of Wally's Roadhouse)
Episode 107 3 Feb 93 "Unpacking"
w: Sy Rosen & Bob Brush

d: Greg Beeman

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The pretitle sequence shows us the typical suburb that has originated in the 50s. All the suburbs are the same except one -because you live there. In chemistry class Kevin works together with Jeff, the new student. He talks Kevin into an experiment that causes an explosion during class. Jeff lives in a house full of boxes because his parents are divorced and he has a girlfriend 110 miles away. Winnie and Kevin are together. Winnie asks Kevin to set Jeff up with Ann, a new girl in school. The two couples go out for miniature golf and chemistry seems to be right between both. But Jeff leaves the group early because he does not want to betray his old girlfriend Julie McDermit. Next morning Kevin meets Ann and Winnie in the library. Ann is really disappointed and Winnie blames Kevin for the failure. Jeff does not show up in school at all. Therefore Kevin drives over to him and gets treated really unfriendly. So he goes home where his father yells at him. When Kevin leaves the house, Jeff is there and asks Kevin to drive him back to his hometown to meet Julie. Jeff and Julie realize that they both have met someone else and that is over.  Jeff finally "accepts" his new home, and begins to make a new start by fixing up his room. Also, Jeff "sorta" intends to be friends with Ann, which may be a sign he has put Julie behind him.

Remark: We see Kevin's old car in the Arnolds driveway with the advertisement for Mr. Chong's chinese restaurant. See episode 94. But he uses his parents' car.

The Champs: "Tequila"
Steely Dan: "Reelin' in the Years"

Alisa Scheindlin        Ann Sheer (new student, Jeff Billings' date)
Bryn Erin               Julie (McDerwent, Jeff Billings' old girlfriend)
Marnie Andrews          Mrs. Billings (Jeff's mother)
Bruce Ed Morrow         Mr. Clemens (chemistry teacher)
Episode 108 10 Feb 93 "Hulk Arnold"
w: Kim Friese
d: Ken Topolsky

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To his own surprise Kevin beats everyone at wrestling in Physical Education. Coach Silva ask him to join the wrestling team. After the first afternoon, he finds out that even the smallest guy, Spider, can beat him. Kevin is so diappointed that he quarrels with Silva, who is not impressed. When Kevin takes Winnie to the top of the hill in his car, they talk about that experience. Winnie admires and kisses Kevin for being an athlete. So he decides to continue. Coach Silva challenges him and Kevin decides to go for the competition team against the Spartans. Friday night everybody -including his father and Winnie- is watching him. He wrestles the state champion and loses 15:2 but does not get pinned.

Remark: Kevin says he weights 140 lbs.

Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Kristopher Kent Hill    Spider (wrestler)
Matt Blansett           Doug Gurney (wrestling state champion)
James Tolkan            (Wrestling) Coach Silva
Episode 109 24 Feb 93 "Nose"
w: Sy Rosen
d: David Greenwalt
The teacher Mr. Atkinson let the students write down the areas where they feel inferior. They have problems to respond. But then comes a new girl, Hayley, who is beautiful but has a big nose. Ricky does not have a girl and asks her out to the movies ("Harold and Maude"). But Jeff, Chuck and Kevin make fun of her. Winnie thinks this is very insensitive and Kevin does not realize at all. In Mr. Atkinson's class Hayley makes a courageous speech about her problem, the nose, but everyone laughs. So Ricky cancels his Annual Spring Dance date with her. But she comes to the dance with the captain of the football team.

Remark:  The song "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker is played when Kevin and Ricky watch Hayley dance with the captain of the football team.  This song was released in 1975, two years after this episode took place (by Adam Mallinger).

Four Tops: "Walk Away Renee"
Spinners: "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love"
O Jays: "Love Train"
Joe Cocker: "You Are So Beautiful"

Remark: The song "Walk Away Renee" could be chosen because of Renee Humphrey, the actress who played the big-nosed girl.

Scott Nemes             Ricky Halsenbach
Renee Humphrey          Hayley Green
David Brisbin           Mr. Atkinson (teacher)
Eric Dane               Brett (Davis, captain of the football team)
Wendy Cooke             Girl # 1 (=Felicia from episodes 82 and  97)
Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Episode 110 3 Mar 93 "Eclipse"

w: Craig Hoffman
d: Steven Cragg

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Kevin's class goes on a field trip to the Wittman Planetarium (see goof below) to watch the total eclipse of the sun on 21 March 1973, 2.15 p.m.. They line up in front of the bus like the moon and the sun. The teacher calls the 34 students by their name. Harlan is the fat guy, Mary Jo will be the first girl to go to the prom with her probation officer. The teacher takes her cigarette away which is then lit by Louis, the arsonist. On their way to the planetarium, the two couples Kevin and Winnie and Chuck and Alice are sitting together and play Truth or Dare (a game of questions). Kevin asks Winnie which of her boyfriends was the best kisser.  Winnie hesitates and answers: "That would!" (and smiles).  She then asks back what he would change about her. That is a difficult question and Kevin does not know how to answer. Finally he says that she is sometimes too perfect -and gets into trouble with angry Winnie. When Alice asks Chuck the same question, he answers "Your voice" and then "Your hair". Alice runs off and takes the empty seat next to Louis. To prove that she is not a perfect girl, Winnie throws a spitwad (a ball of chewed-on paper) on the teacher and hits him right in the face. He walks over to her and asks whether she has seen the evil-doer. She proudly admits but he does not believe her. Sheila and Cindy offer $25 to Mary Jo if she comes back with a love bite from fat Harlan.
On the way the bus stops because Harlan has to go to the restroom. To the teacher's displeasure, all students leave the bus. In the restroom Kevin hits Louis by accident who drops a bunch of explosives and tells about his plan to blow up the planetrium. Mary Jo waits outside the mens room and gets onto Harlan. When the bus leaves, Chuck is left behind because of a jammed door.
At the planetarium, the trouble between Kevin and Winnie continues. Winnie apparently steals a baseball cap from the museum shop to provocate him. While the others are waiting outside for the eclipse, Kevin accidentally helps Louis blow up the sewer system of the planetarium. Mary Jo gets out of the bushes with Harlan who has a giant love bite. Chuck climbs out the restroom window, hitchhikes to the planetarium, and arrives in time for the eclipse and the explosion.
At the end two policemen take Louis into custody. Chuck tells Alice that he is sorry and Winnie tells Kevin that she has paid for the cap.

Remark: Chuck and Alice have met in episode 89, and had some trouble in episode 105.

Remark: The episode was filmed at the Griffith Park Observatory, 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027-1255, which is about 5 miles NW from downtown Los Angeles, see Griffith Observatory Homepage. The entire LA basin spreads out from the bottom of the mountains that the observatory is located on (thank you, Kyle). This Observatory also starred in 1955´s "Rebel Without a Cause" with James Dean and Natalie Wood (see, filming locations). There the great showdown including the death of Jim´s mate Plato and the final scene (introducing Judy to his parents as "friend") took place (by Barbara).

Remark: This episode opens with the words, "On the afternoon of March 21st, 1973, at exactly 2:15pm, a rare astronomical event occurred: a total eclipse of the sun." There were no solar eclipses observable from North America in 1973 (by Chris Campbell).
Remark: Mary Jo (A.J. Langer) and Sheila (Devon Odessa) ended up appearing as main characters Rayanne and Sharon on My So-Called Life the next year, but I think the Wonder Years was their first time working together (by Natasha).

Goof: The planetarium is called "Wittman Planetarium" on Winnie's cap, but "Nierman Planetarium" by the narrator. It was also spelled "Nierman Planetarium" by the writer spelled it in his newsgroup note.

Goof: Solar eclipses are gradual, but in this episode the eclipse was nearly a sudden event, like turning off a light (by Dennis Barron and Peter Reynders).

Music: The Grateful Dead: "Truckin'" (only one song in this episode!)
Timothy Stack           Mr. Plenitzer (teacher)
Lindsay Sloane          Alice Pedermier (Chuck's girlfriend, classmate)
A. J. Langer            Mary Jo (Genaro(?), classmate)
Trenton Teigen          Harlan (Abramson(?), classmate)
Gregor Hesse            Louis (Lanahan(?), classmate)
Alicia Bergman          Cindy (classmate, sits next to Mary Jo in the bus)
Devon Odessa            Sheila (classmate, sits behind Mary Jo in the bus)
Jan Eddy                Bus Driver
Eliott Harold           Mathlete
Justin Wilde            Driver
Elizabeth Talbot-Martin Volunteer
Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Shawn Shoulders         Student watching the pendulum (not credited)
Episode 111 24 Mar 93 "Poker"
w: Jon Harmon Feldman (teleplay)
Max Mutchnick & David Kohan (story)
d: David Greenwalt

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The gang (Kevin, Paul, Chuck, Randy and Jeff) meets every Friday for a night of poker at Kevins house. It is always the same and Kevin pictures the group as retirees sitting together. During the course of one night we learn a bit more about all of them - Randy is worried about failing trigonometry, Chuck thinks he has got Alice pregnant, Jeff is just Jeff and Paul looks like he is drifting away from Kevin forever. Actually the whole group turns against Paul. During the last game everything changes. Alice calls and is not pregnant. Jeff has a hand of five kings and lets Randy win. [no Winnie]

Remark: Chuck Coleman gives us the names of his parents: "Stuart and Irene Coleman did not raise any morons." They are never seen in the whole series.

Tchaikovsky: 1st Movement from "Piano Concerto No.1"
The Beach Boys: "When I Grow Up To Be a Man"

Andrew Mark Berman      Chuck Coleman
Michael Tricario        Randy Mitchell
Bob Larkin              Old Chuck Coleman
Billy Beck              Old Paul Pfeiffer
Walt Beaver             Old Jeff Billings
Burt Sanders            Old Randy Mitchell
Barney Martin           Old Kevin Arnold
Episode 112 31 Mar 93 "The Little Women"
w: David M. Wolf

d: Ken Topolsky

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Mrs Arnold tells her family that she is going for a fulltime job. At school, the six week waiting period is over and the SAT scores arrive. Randy got 730 and Jeff Billings 1172. Winnie is shy and does not tell. Kevin is the only student who does not know yet and gets nervous. At home he looks into the mailbox, gets the letter, climbs into his closet with a torch and finds results better than expected - 1240!! So he is on top of the world and his parents invite him for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There his mother tells her family about the new job she has found all by herself. She is now a financial supervisor at a software company and gets $225 a week. The narrator compares this to Donna Reed being the quarterback of the Jets. (Donna Reed is the wife of the hero in "It's a Wonderful Life").
Next morning in school, Kevin boasts about his scores in front of Winnie. She tells him how proud she is of him. Then the librarian hands over catalogues of Princeton and Harvard to her. He puts pressure on Winnie, who finally admits to have got 1482 (725 plus 757). His male pride is hurt, he gets angry and Winnie leaves the scene.
At home, Mrs Arnold talks about her new job with excitement and is still able to do her household. The male Arnolds look for a flaw but do not find one. Later that evening Kevin drives with Winnie to the top of the hill again. He is still very upset and gives her a hard time. Winnie gets disappointed and suggests to go home. When Kevin enters the living room, his father watches "The Attack of the 50-Foot Woman" on TV and says: "I only say: Women!"
Next morning Kevin apologizes to Winnie and invites her for a bowling night. He thinks that this is the last male refuge. There they meet Mr and Mrs Arnold -father like son. When the women do much better than expected, it turns into battle between the genders. The battle is finally won by Kevin and his dad so that male pride is restored. When both couples drive home in their cars, the women lean on the men and everything is okay again. Kevin even congratulates Winnie for her SAT scores.

Remark: In episode 102 the students had sat the SAT and Kevin had a long conversation with Winnie about them.

Remark: Jeff's score card shows the two figures 540 and 580 as well as a total of 1172. The conversation between Kevin and his father in the Chinese restaurant reveals his scores: 650, 590 and a total of 1240. The first number is arts, the second science.

Remark: Kevin drives still his old car with the Chinese restaurant ad known from the episodes 94, 99, 102, 105, 106, 107 and 108.

Remark: The reference to Donna Reed (NARRATOR:  ...Donna Reed was named starting quarterback for the Jets.) is to her show The Donna Reed Show where she played a typical dress and pearls-wearing HOUSEWIFE thus the reference (by Tarra Scott).

Helen Reddy: "I am Woman"
"Never My Love"
Beethoven: 4th Movement from "Symphony No.9"
Tammy Wynette: "Stand by Your Man"

Michael Tricario        Randy Mitchell
Willie C. Carpenter     Mr. Glavin
Episode 113 28 Apr 93 "Reunion"
w: Robin Riordan (teleplay)
Mark B. Perry (story)
d: Arthur Albert
The Arnolds fly over to Mum's home town for a 1948 class reunion. Dad does not like it at all. Her parents keep on talking about Mum's old boyfriend Roger because they still oppose her marriage. Roger comes over immediately and is also present at the reunion. He is still interested in her and even worse Kevin's dad does not seem to mind. In the meantime Wayne takes an inventory of the house to inherit. The grandparents' dog Princess chases Kevin around. At the end Mum comes home early from the dance and Kevin realizes that there is a strong bond between his parents -- love. [no Winnie]

Marty Robbins: "White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation"
Nat "King" Cole: "Our Love is Here to Stay"

Edward Edwards          Roger Baldwin (former boyfriend of Kevin's Mum)
Macon McCalman          Karl Gustavson (Mrs. Arnold's father)
Jean Speegle Howard     Jane Gustavson (Mrs. Arnold's mother)
Episode 114/115 12 May 93 "Summer/Independence Day"
w: Sy Rosen (114), Bob Brush (115)
d: Michael Dinner
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It is summer, and Kevin is working in his Dad's furniture factory. Winnie, on the other hand, is working in the Cascades at a resort as a lifeguard (shades of "Dirty Dancing"). Not being together during the summer according to Winnie is a good idea, since they both agreed in some earlier discussion that it would be good to have some space to "find themselves." Kevin isn't so sure.

His irritation with the situation escalates when his buddies Jeff and Chuck take off to drive across country and he gets left behind because his Dad wouldn't let him go -- "you wouldn't survive for two seconds on your own." (That quote sets the stage for the rest of the story).

One day at work, Kevin calls Winnie at the resort -- she's busy and distracted by poolside activities and new friends, which results in a short conversation. Kevin's Dad yells at him for using the phone, a huge argument follows, and Kevin quits his job -- "its not good enough for me." He goes home, packs a bag, and takes off to follow the wind wherever it takes him, which happens to be to the resort where Winnie is working. She's surprised (and doesn't look too pleased) a busboy in the restaurant. He expects to spend time with her one evening and she tells him she has a lifeguard meeting to go to at the lake. He feels that she's giving him the brush off, and she tells him he has to give her time to get used to having him there.

That evening, he goes to play poker with the band and wins $100 by bluffing. Feeling like a man, he goes to find Winnie at the lake and sees her kissing one of her lifeguard pals, Eric. Things deteriorate from there. He sees her the next day and tells her he saw her; she accuses him of spying. That night he plays poker again and loses everything, including his car.

The next day he packs up to leave, walks in to the restaurant tell Winnie goodbye, punches Eric, walks out, and starts walking to who knows where. He flags a car down for a ride only to find Winnie sitting in the backseat; she got fired because of his behavior. They start arguing and get put out on the side of the road together. They continue to fight, throwing each others luggage into the road to get run over by a truck. Then it starts raining and they both head for a nearby barn.

Eventually they start talking about everything .. about how much things have changed; Winnie says she thinks it had to happen eventually -- everybody grows up sometime. They end up making up and promise to always be together. This is the best part - with powerful and intense dialogue.

We hear Winnie sobbing. Kevin looks down to find her with her eyes shut tight, weeping. He looks open-mouthed at her. Kevin: Winnie?...

Winnie looks up at him, tears streaming. Winnie: I don't want it to end!

Kevin kneels down next to her and kisses her. She smiles, opens her horse blanket and reaches out to partially cover him with it, and they embrace with long, tender, passionate kisses.

They arrive back home on the 4th of July. Karen has come home for a visit and is pregnant. Kevin makes up with his dad. The last scene is a "soliloquy" about how that was the last 4th of July Kevin ever spent in his home town, and about what happens to everyone:

Kevin was on his way;
Paul went to Harvard and studied Law - still allergic to everything;
Kevin's Dad passes away 2 years later;
His Mom becomes a business woman - board chairmen - cooker of mashed potatoes;
Karen's baby looks just like Kevin, poor kid;
Wayne takes over the furniture business after his father's death;
Winnie goes to France to study art history, and she and Kevin keep their
promise to keep in touch - they write to one another every week for 8 years.
Then when she finally comes back, he meets her at the airport with his wife and
and first son, 8 months old.
Just to give you an indication the final narration by the Adult Kevin (Daniel Stern) was very true and a fitting way to end a WONDERful series:
Growing up happens in a heartbeat.
One day you're in diapers; the next day you're gone.
But the memories of childhood stay with you
for the long haul.
I remember a place ..... a town ..... a house
like a lot of houses......
A yard like a lot of other yards....
On a street like a lot of other streets.
And the thing is ..... After all these years,
I still look back ... with WONDER.
< credits roll, with voiceover >

 Young boy's voice: Hey Dad, wanta play catch?

Narrator (Kevin): I'll be right there.

Goof: In the beginning of this double episode Kevin remarks that in July 1 was working in my dad's furniture factory.  Then in Episode #115 the show and series ends with the 4th of July parade.  A lot of things happened in those four days with Winnie & Kevin.

Not a Goof:  Towards the end of episode 35, when the adult Kevin is talking about his grandpa being the dad of his dad, and that his dad would eventually be the grandfather of Kevin's sons....the adult Kevin is telling us the story of his life as a current adult, so he should know whether his father would become a grandfather or not.  Well, in the very last episode, he tells us that his father would die in two years and Wayne would take over the furniture company.  That means that Kevin's father would have never seen Kevin's son, and never could have been a grandfather, even though the adult Kevin told us he would in episode 35.  Clearly a writer's goof who didn't take a look at episode 35 before writing the last episode (by Chris Peters).  BUT:  You note that Kevin's dad could NOT be a grandfather if he had died "two years later"  Well his Dad WAS a grandfather, but perhaps not to Kevin's kids.  Don't you remember on the last episode, KAREN had a kid, which would make Kevin and Karen's dad a GRANDFATHER, right? (by Dennis). BUT: As we all know, the last episode stated that Jack would die two years after it took place (in 1975), with Wayne eventually taking over the furniture factory.  It also said that Winnie would go to France to study art for eight years (presumably beginning shortly after her and Kevin's graduation from McKinley in 1974), and would return (likely in 1982) to be greeted by Kevin, his wife, and an 8-month old son.  But Episode 35 explicitly stated that Jack would later become the grandfather of one of KEVIN's sons (although Karen gave birth to a son that was "just like Kevin" in late 1973, but episode 35, as mentioned earlier, did not mention "Karen's son"), with the one mentioned in the last episode already 8 months old at the time of Winnie's return to the US (making him born around 1981).  In my opinion, the status of Jack as a grandfather of Kevin's son, mentioned in episode 35, takes more precedence than what has mentioned about him in the last episode.  It may have just been a writer's goof, but it was a mistake in continuity (by Tim Mottaz). BUT: The narrator in episode 35 could have expressed young Kevin's thoughts and not the events in the Arnold family after the show ended.

Remark: The movie "The Natural" from which the theme was played as background music while the narrator described what happened to Kevin, his family, and everyone else did not come out until 1984, eleven years after the episode took place (by Tim Mottaz).

Remark: When Kevin and Winnie are thrown together in the same car and then left on the road, I think that was taken from the motion picture "The Sure Thing" starring John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga. Same type of situation. Girl mad at boy. Both get a ride. Girl in car first. Arguing with each other and thrown off onto a road in the middle of nowhere. End up making up and happy ending in both. "The Sure Thing" came out in 1985, way before this episode, so it makes sense (by Roger Gordon).

Remark: It sounds like the narrations throughout most of the entire episode have been rerecorded in the syndicated episodes, thus allowing for the only used line from the entire (see transcript) scene to sound like it was said alone. ("I'd set out to find myself, and ended up losing everything.") Also in the final episode, as I have written to you before, the song that is used in the final kissing scene between Kevin and Winnie ("Once upon a time, there was a girl I knew...") is from the 1987 movie "The Mission," and is titled "Brothers." It is still available on soundtrack CD at most music stores. It is interesting to know that the last two songs ever used on "The Wonder Years"-a show that did an extremely good job (though not perfect) at using music only from its set era (or before)-were from two 1980s movies ("The Natural" and "The Mission"), which were released more
than a decade after the show was set (by Matt Wilson).

Blue Cheer: "Summertime Blues"
Brian Hyland: "Sealed with a Kiss" (most probably not by The Four Seasons)
Vivaldi: 1st Movement from "Spring"
Percy Sledge:"When a Man loves a Woman"
Creedence Clearwater Revival: "Up Around The Bend"
Randy Newman: Excerpts from "The Natural" original soundtrack

Peter Billingsley       Micky Spiegel
Billie Bird             Woman
Allen Bloomfield        Al Bloomfield
Gary Cervantes          Band Member #2
Jonathan Del Arco       Ted
Hector Elias            Band Member #4
Peter Asle Holden       Nick Sadowski
Andy Milder             Howie Needleman
Brad Naso               Eric
Miguel Perez            Band Leader
Kim Robilard            Mr. Dexter
Peter Spellos           Band Member #3
Katie Wright            Jane
(Giovanni Ribisi        Jeff Billings, appears in 114 but is not mentioned in the titles)
(Andrew Berman          Chuck Coleman, appears in 114 but is not mentioned in the titles)

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