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Hayley Green (big-nosed new classmate)) 109

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According to a "View Askew" interview conducted on June 24, 1998, Renée's favorite actresses are Gena Rowlands, Christina Ricci and Natalie Portman. She has taken ballet as a child and started doing theatre in Northern California when she was six years old. She asked her mom to get her an agent when she was eight. She actually got an agency immediately, called Top Models. They didn't stay together for very long. Then she went and got an agency in the San Francisco area, mostly print work and commercials. Her first film role was Jailbait.
  • In 1995 she has beaten out Jennifer Love Hewitt for the role as Tricia Jones in MallRats.
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Title Character she played  Year Type
Hard Luck Sheryl Billings 2002 Movie
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Tricia Jones 2001 Movie
Seventh Veil unknown 2000 Movie
Urban Mythology Laura Saunders 2000 Movie
Perfect Fit Amanda 1999 Movie
The Sex Monster Didi 1999 Movie
Chicks, Man unknown 1998 Movie
Cadillac Ranch Mary Katherine 1997 Movie
Lover Girl Teddy 1997 Movie
Drawing Flies Meg 1996 Movie
Fighting for My Daughter Jesse 1995 TV movie
The Cure Angle 1995 Movie
Devil in a Blue Dress
aka Le Diable en robe bleue
Barbara 1995 Movie
French Kiss
aka Paris Match
Lilly 1995 Movie
Mallrats Tricia 1995 Movie
Fun  Hillary 1994 Movie 
aka Streetwise
Kyle Bradley 1994 Movie

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"Diagnosis Murder" Holly Harris Murder at Midterm (7.4) 10/14/99
"Providence" unknown All Good Dogs Go to Heaven (1.3) 01/22/99
"The Commish"  Caroline Wallace Mansion (3.10) 12/04/93
"Reasonable Doubts" Martha Novak (1.18) 1991

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