Ken Topolsky

In "The Wonder Years": 
was Producer for episodes 20-46 and Supervising Producer for 47-114. He directed the episodes 62,67,72,74,79,87,90,93,97,102,103,108, and 112. 

Ken has directed several episodes and was Co-executive Producer of the successful TV series "Party of Five" (1994-). Has has produced the TV series "Partners" (1999), "Time of Your Life" (1999) (executive), "No Ordinary Girl" (2002) (co-executive), and produced the TV movie Bates Motel (1987) and the movie The Wizard (1989).

He was also music co-ordinator of the movie Flashdance (1983) and music supervisor of the TV movie The Last Fling (1987).

On March19, 2001, NBC starts a new comedy-drama series "First Years", created and executive-produced by Jill Gordon. The other executive producers are Ken Topolsky and Mark B. Perry, both with her behind The Wonder Years. This show flopped and was taken from the air very soon.

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