Ben Savage  In "The Wonder Years": 
Curtis Hartsell in episode "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (#37)
    Birthday: September 13th, 1980, Chicago, Illinois, USA, as Bennett Joseph Savage
    Parents: Lew (a real estate executive) and Joanne (a homemaker), live with Ben and Kala in Los Angeles (1996)
    Ben is the younger brother of Fred Savage who played the main character Kevin Arnold on "The Wonder Years". He has also a older sister, Kala, who was born in 1979 and is now a high school senior and a stage actress (1996). 

    Today he is a tenth-grade student (1996). 
    He spent his early days with his family in Glencoe, a suburb of Chicago.

  • Ben followed in the footsteps of his older brother brother by launching his television career with appearences in several TV commercials. His first job was in a TV ad for a drugstore chain in 1985. "All I had to do was sit in a pool and smile," says Ben. 
  • He co-starred in the ABC special "McDonald's Family Theatre Presents: Aliens For Breakfast." 
  • Ben Savage also made a stage debut, in "The Laughter Epidemic," performed at the Pasadena Playhouse. 
  • In May 1998 he played Roddy Stern in "Unexpected Tenderness", a play by Israel Horovitz, at Marilyn Monroe Theater, Los Angeles.
  • In the movie "Little Monsters" (1989) we see both brothers: Fred Savage as Brian, Ben as Eric.
  • He has done TV commercial for Sunbeam bread (1989) and for Frosted Cheerios (1996).
  • Ben is attending Stanford University, beginning fall 2000.
  • Height: 5' 6" or 5' 7"
  • There is an article about Ben Savage with a short interview.
Title Character he played  Year Type
Swimming Upstream  Teddy Benevides 2001 Movie
Jack and the Beanstalk ? 2000 Video
Aliens for Breakfast
? 1994 TV movie
Clifford Roger 1994 Movie 
"Boy Meets World" Cory Matthews  1993 TV series 
"Wild Palms" Cody Wyckoff 1993 mini TV series
She Woke Up Andy  1992 TV movie 
Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even
aka Stepkids 
Sam  1991 Movie
"A Family for Joe" Chris Bankston 1989 TV series
Little Monsters Eric 1989 Movie
"Dear John" Matthew Lacey (1988-1990) 1988 TV series

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"Teen Angel" Cory Matthews One Dog Night (1.7) 11/07/97
"Party of Five" Stuart  Close to You (3.10)
Christmas (3.13)
"Maybe This Time" Cory Acting Out 01/26/96
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