Julie Condra
(aka Julie Condra Douglas)

Julie Condra from Crying Freeman

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In "The Wonder Years": 
Madeline (Adams) 48, 51, 57, 58 (in 93 only former episodes)

Madeline lives at 31 Vernon Drive, see episode 51

Julie Condra (from episode 93, courtesy RTL2)


Julie Condra, born 1 December 1970 in Ballinger, Texas, and grown up in San Antonio, Texas, began acting at age 9 - she appeared in San Antonio television commercials. She was a model at age 15, but when she moved to LA at 16, her mother acted as her agent, and soon she appeared resp. starred in several movies and TV series. She has a brother, Jeff. 

Julie was married to Brandon Douglas from 1992 to 1995, got divorced and married on 5 January 1998 to Mark Dacascos, the lead actor of Crying Freeman. There have been  rumors about a divorce and Julie dating Michigan Quarterback Brian Griese in 1999. These rumors are not based on any facts. Mark Dacascos' official website shows recent pictures of her and him. They expect a baby in January 2001 (Sept 2000).


  • Julie Condra took part in a public service video "Coming Right at You: Straight Talk about Drinking" in 1989.
  • Julie Condra has also been a guest in in "Circus of the Stars and Side Show", "Celebrity Family Feud", "Diagnosis Murder", "Robin's Hoods" and "The Tracey Ulman Show".
  • In the TV series Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Julie was replaced by Sharon Case for the second and following seasons. 
  • Julie played a leading part in a movie, "Crying Freeman" that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 1995 and has been shown in Japan, France and Singapore, but not in the US, GB and Germany. 
  • On The Official Web Site of Mark Dacascos you find a lot of facts about Julie, his wife. 
  • There is a Julie Condra Fansite by Brennan Leathers whom I thank for his support and help. 
Title Character she played  Year Type
Road to Redemption  Amanda Tucker 2001 Movie
Beautiful Miss Iowa 2000 Movie
A Tail of Two Bunnies Ruby 2000 TV movie
Michael Landon, the Father I Knew Cindy Landon 1999 TV movie
Svitati Barbara Collier 1999 Movie
Touch Shelly 1997 Movie
Crying Freeman, see also review Emu O'Hara 1995 Movie
Danielle Steel's 'Mixed Blessings'
aka Mixed Blessings, see also database
Barbie Winwood 1995 TV movie
Nixon Young Pat Nixon 1995 Movie
"Against the Grain"  (Julie not listed in database) Dottie 1993 TV series
Gas Food Lodging Tanya 1992 Movie
"Eerie, Indiana" Syndi Marie Priscilla Teller 1991-???? TV series
The Wonder Years Madeleine Adams 1990-1991 TV series
"Santa Barbara" Emily DiNapoli Hughes 1989-1990 TV series
FM Heather 1989 Movie
The Fulfillment of Mary Gray Sarah Gray 1989 TV movie
The Johnsons Are Home  Buffy Heatherton 1988 TV movie
Legend of Billie Jean uncredited 1985 Movie
Papa Was a Preacher (Julie not listed in database) unknown 1985 TV movie
Wrong Is Right unknown 1982 Movie

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"Viper" Grace Mayfield Turf Wars (2.13) 02/01/97
"High Tide" Terri Fisher Mission Improbable (3.10) 11/25/96
"Walker, Texas Ranger" Leann Singer  Blackout (4.21) 06/04/96
"Diagnosis Murder" Heather Left-Handed Murder (3.18) 05/03/96
"Weird Science" android girl Rachel 
Copper Top Girl (1.21) 
It's A Wonderful Life (Without You) (3.15) 
"Robin's Hoods" ? 1994-
"Married With Children"
see also Brennan's site

Crystal Brooks

My Mom, the Mom (3.11)
[Listed as Julie Condra] 
Valentine's Day Massacre (8.17)
[Listed as Julie Condra Douglas] 


"Class of 1996" Pam Look Homeward, Angela (1.5) 02/16/93
"Against the Grain" ? ? 1993-
"Parker Lewis Can't Lose" Donna Sue Horten Power Play (1.3) 
Radio Free Flamingo (1.11)
"Evening Shade" Michelle Martin (an early episode) 1990-
"FM" ? ? 1989-
"Who's the Boss?" Susie Hit the road, Chad (#64) 03/16/86
"Valerie" ? ? 1986-

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