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Chronology of Music
Paul = Marilyn Manson?
Title music

  1. Who is playing the title music / theme song?
  2. Joe Cocker: "With A Little Help From My Friends" Whenever you have the 'closed captioning' enabled on your TV and the theme song is playing, on one part of the lyrics the singer says' get high with a little help from my friends', but the captions show 'get by with a little help from my friends'. I rewinded my tape to check this and even put on the captions of a few other episodes and a saw the same thing. My guess is that the network didn't want families to see the 'high' part (related to drug use) so they stuck in the 'by' (by Ray).

  3. Where do I get the music?
  4. The complete music of The Wonder Years is listed after the single episodes in my guide.  There is also a compilation out on CD.

  5. Why are some music titles used that were issued after the show took place?
  6. Kevin (narrator) is looking back in time; so it does not seem necessary to have the exact chronology.  Quentin Parker wrote to me: "Late in the show's run, I had called the TWY's production office in Culver City to ask about the title and artist of a song used in the show.   I believe that I spoke with associate producer Joshua Taurek, who indicated to me that the staff sought music that fit the mood of a particular seen, and if the song had been recorded by several artists, they'd seek the version which gave the feeling they were looking for.  Essentially, my impression is they did try to be somewhat historically accurate with their choices, at least within a few years time."

  7. Where was The Wonder Years playing?
  8. I have compiled an extensive compilation of shooting locations and intentions by the writers.

  9. Who was the narrator?
  10. With the possible exception of episode 1: Daniel Stern. There are unconfirmed reports that Arye Gross was doing the job in the first episode.

  11. What are the actors/actresses doing now?
  12. See wy-mcast for the main cast and wy-scast for the supporting roles.

  13. How can I get a transcript of an episode?
  14. All what I have is registered in wy-trans.  These are not original scripts but real transcripts painfully recorded from the tapes.  It takes about five hours to do a decent transcript.  Anyone who want to transcribe an episode is heartly welcome to do so. German transcript links can be found in wy-d.htm.

  15. Is Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer) identical with the obscene singer Marilyn Manson?
  16. The answer is, of course, NO. This rumor came up in 1998 from the Internet. Even Josh himself was bothered with questions and has denied it, see article on Josh Saviano.

  17. How come that some episodes are different from the original airing?
  18. Very often episodes are edited for commercial breaks.  Many scenes cut in syndication (WPIX) are restored on ABC Family Channel (formerly Fox Family and CBN). Confirmed identical versions are episodes "Phone Call", "Dance with Me", "Steady as She Goes", "Nemesis", "Math Class" and "Glee Club".

  19. Where can I get DVD or video tapes of episodes?

    Only a few are commercially available, see wy-publ.htm.  However, for the tapes you can try The Wonder Years mailing list, see WY header page. There are also sometimes offers on eBay.

    November 2003: There is a poll on the Fox's site. Please vote to get The Wonder Years out on DVD: offers alert for DVD release. Please use it; it is a vote for a release.
    Entertainment Weekly quotes Fox Home Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Mr. Steve Feldstein, as saying about The Wonder Years DVDs"We've got it on the schedule, but there are hurdles to clear prior to a firm release date." (Feb 20, 2005)

    A German DVD of the first season was to be released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on 13 March 2006. The episodes of all six seasons have already been cleared by the German Film Classification Authority. But they did not come out

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