Main cast:

In real life: In "The Wonder Years":
Olivia D'Abo Karen Arnold (Kevin's sister)
Jason Hervey Wayne Arnold (Kevin's brother) 
Dan Lauria Jack Arnold (Kevin's father) 
Danica Mae McKellar Gwendolyn (Winnie) Cooper
Alley Mills Norma Arnold (Kevin's mother)
Fred Aaron Savage Kevin Arnold 
Joshua "Josh" D. Saviano Paul Joshua Pfeiffer (Kevin's best friend)
Daniel Stern Voice of adult Kevin Arnold or Narrator
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Daniel Stern[Daniel Stern] In "The Wonder Years": 
Voice of adult Kevin Arnold or Narrator 
Although never shown on screen, Daniel Stern is one of the most important people of "The Wonder Years" and was active in every episode. His voice gives the show much of its character. His name is mentioned sometimes in the front titles together with the actors (episode 24, 30, 32-36 more ?) and in the end titles of episode 12 (Narrated by Daniel Stern). According to unconfirmed reports, the original first episode narration was done by Ayre Gross.
Daniel Stern also directed the episodes "Pottery Will Get You Nowhere" (#12), "Nemesis" (#17), "Brightwing" (#20), "Mom Wars" (#27), "Math Class Squared" (#32), "The Powers That Be" (#35), "Ninth Grade Man" (#48), "Courage" (#60), "Day One" (#71) and "Triangle" (#75). 
In real life: 
Daniel Stern

Birthday: August 28th, 1957 in Bethesda/Maryland (USA) 
Stern lives with his wife and three children near San Francisco (1990). 


  • Most people know him from his role as Marv, the taller robber, in Home Alone.
  • In an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, for instance, viewers will hear the grown-up Bart Reminiscing about his childhood. The voice: Daniel Stern's (1990).
  • He directed the movie Rookie of the Year (in which he played Phil Brickman) in 1993.
  • He was executive producer of Bushwhacked (in which he played Max Grabelski) in 1995. 
  • As in "The Wonder Years", he is not shown in the movie "Frankenweenie," where he is the voice of Ben Frankenstein.
  • He was a guest at the Late Show with David Letterman on May 27th, 1994.
  • There is an article about Daniel Stern.
  • His address: Daniel Stern, c/o C.A.A., 9830 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA
Title Character he played  Year Type
CopLand unknown 1997 Movie
Celtic Pride Mike O'Hara 1996 Movie
aka Tenderfoots
Max Grabelski 1995 Movie
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold Phil Berquist 1994 Movie
Rookie of the Year Phil Brickman 1993 Movie
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Marv 1992 Movie
City Slickers Phil Berquist 1991 Movie
Coupe de Ville Marvin 1990 Movie
"The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson" William Cline 1990 TV movie
Home Alone Marv 1990 Movie
My Blue Heaven Will Stubbs 1990 Movie
Friends, Lovers & Lunatics
aka Crazy Horse
aka She Drives Me Crazy
Mat 1989 Movie
Leviathan Buzz "Sixpack" Parrish 1989 Movie
Little Monsters Glen Stevenson 1989 Movie
The Wonder Years Voice of adult Kevin Arnold 1988-1993 TV series
D.O.A. Hal Petersham 1988 Movie
The Milagro Beanfield War Herbie Platt 1988 Movie
"Weekend War" Garfield 1988 TV movie
Born in East L.A. Jimmy 1987 Movie
The Wonder Years Voice of adult Kevin Arnold or Narrator 1987-1993 TV series
The Boss' Wife Joel Keefer 1986 Movie
Hannah and Her Sisters Dusty 1986 Movie
Hometown Joey Nathan 1985 TV series
Key Exchange Michael Fine 1985 Movie
C.H.U.D. The Reverend 1984 Movie
Frankenweenie Voice of Ben Frankenstein 1984 Movie
"The Ratings Game" Skip Imperali 1984 TV movie
Flip Out
aka Get Crazy
Neil Allen 1983 Movie
Blue Thunder Lymangood 1983 Movie
Diner Shrevie 1982 Movie
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can unknown 1982 Movie
Honky Tonk Freeway Hitchhiker 1981 Movie
It's My Turn Cooperman 1980 Movie
A Small Circle unknown 1980 Movie
One Trick Pony Hare Krishna 1980 Movie
Stardust Memories Actor 1980 Movie
Breaking Away Cyrill 1979 Movie
Starting Over Student #2 1979 Movie

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