Jason Hervey 


In "The Wonder Years": 
Wayne J. Arnold (Kevin's brother) 
Episodes focussing on him: 14

We know Wayne's middle initial from a letter that is shown in episode 26.
Old Wayne is played by Sam Bernstein 14

Wayne's girlfriends:
Martin, Sarah Jo (Angela) episode 14
Lewis, Juliette (Delores) 24, 26, 36
Lynn, Meredith Scott (Angela) 47
Gugino, Carla (Sandy (Tyler)) 75
Graham, Aimee (Candy Jensen) 96
Marshall, Paula (Bonnie Douglas) 100, 103, 104

In real life:
Jason Hervey 

Birthday: April 6th, 1972
Family: Jason was married to Kelley Patricia O'Neill in 1994 to 1995, got a divorce, then lived in Los Angeles where he spend his childhood and got married again to Shannon Marie Flack on 6 February 1998. With her she has twins, Shaina and Samuel, born in 2000, and a stepson, Tyler, born in 1989 or 1990. Jason's father is a retail sales manager, his mother is a talent agent. Jason has a brother, Scott, who is  4 years older and  has studied at Cal State at Northride. 
  • Jason Hervey appeared in his first commercial at the age of four-and-a-half and made his TV acting debut at the age of six on the series "Sweepstakes." At the age of seven, he appeared in a Levi's jeans commercian that won the Clio Award. Hervey himselfs said that he owes his "whole entire career to the 250 commercials [he] did while growing up."
  • On Nov 10, 1998, he appeared in TV series "Working" aside of his Wonder Years' brother Fred Savage who has the leading role in "Working". Danica McKellar (Winnie) was also a guest star in this TV series but in a different episode.
  • Jason Hervey had a long-lasting relation with Dawn Bailey who was 21 at that time ("an older woman"). They both lived with their own families - Hervey had rent an apartment in an L.A. complex owned by his parents, who lived downstairs - but tried to spend all their free-time together. They enjoyed going dancing, out for a meal and cycling. Jason said Dawn was a beautiful woman, an ex-bikini pattern, but was then a secretary. 
  • Currently, Jason Hervey is active Hollywood both as a producer of sports vignettes and as a director (Status: Jan 1996).
  • Jason plays ice hockey, for example in an NHL Celebrity All-Star Game on December 3rd, 1995 in San Jose and on January 20th, 1996 in Boston. He practiced wrestling in a club called "Slammers."  He became a co-partner of a company which produces TV movies and videos for World Championship Wrestling (2000).
  • Jason was co-executive producer for the video WCW/NWO Superstar Series: Diamond Dallas Page - Feel the Bang! (1998) and for TV movies "First Daughter" (1999) and Shutterspeed (2000) and First Target (2000) and First Shot (2002).
  • In March 1993, a former Wonder Years wardrobe assistant filed a sexual-harassment suit against Hervey and Fred Savage. The suit was dropped nine months later. See article.
  • He filed lawsuit against Las Vegas wedding chapel for selling his wedding pictures to a tabloid (October 2000).
  • Jason has given his voice to a Sega Saturn game called Return to Zork.
  • Jason is very different from the character Wayne. "To play a character so unlikable and unsympathetic, you must be funny," Marlens says, one of the creators of The Wonder Years.
  • There is an article about Jason Hervey.
  • Gossip which is NOT true (thanks to Daniel): 
    • Jason Hervey said: "My godfather is [famed wrestling villain] Terry Funk. He once kicked in my pinkie finger. I'm going to be a professional wrestler or manager, I think." 
    • In March 1996, Jason Hervey founded the company Interplay Pictures together with Mediaplay.
  • The following contact address is NOT valid anymore:

  • Jason Hervey 
    1280 Sunset Plaza Drive 
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
Title Character he played  Year Type
"100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd"  Eddie McDowd 2001- TV series
The Last Great Ride Jimmy Murano 1999 Movie
Do Me a Favor Andy 1997 Movie
Spring Fling ! John 1995 TV movie
Take Me Home Again
aka The Lies Boy Tell
unknown 1994 TV movie
The Wonder Years Wayne Arnold 1987-1993 TV series
The Monster Squad E.J. 1987 Movie
"Fast Times"
aka "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
Curtis Spicoli 1986 TV series
"Little Spies" Clint Westwood 1986 TV series
Back to School Young Thornton 1986 Movie
"Wildside" Zeke 1985 TV series
Back to the Future Milton Baines 1985 Movie
"Diff'rent Strokes" Charlie 1985-1986 TV series
Pee-wee's Big Adventure Kevin Morton 1985 Movie
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Brat 1985 Movie
The Buddy System Potato 1984 Movie
Frankenweenie Frank Dale (voice) 1984 Movie
Meatballs Part II Steve 1984 Movie
The Ratings Game
aka The Mogul
Todd Sweeney 1984 TV movie
Daddy, I'm Their Mama Now Roy 1981 TV movie


Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"WCW Monday Nitro" himself 07/26/99
"Working" himself Good Val Hunting (2.5) 11/10/98
"Love Boat: The Next Wave" Wally All Aboard (2.1) 10/09/98
"Baywatch Nights" Todd Sandreen Bad Blades 12/11/95
Alice ? ? ?
Punky Brewster ? ? ?
Simon & Simon ? ? ?
Taxi ? ? ?
Together We Stand ? ? ?
Trapper John, M.D.. ? ? ?
The Two of Us ? ? ?
A Year in the Life ? ? ?

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