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In "The Wonder Years": 
Jack Arnold (Kevin's father) 
Important episodes with him: 3, 12, 35, 38

From episode 94 (Courtesy RTL2).

  • Jack Arnold was born on Nov 6, 1928 (see episode 77) as the son of Albert Arnold (David Huddleston) 35,59,69,81.
  • Dan Lauria directed the episode "Night out" (#40).
In real life:
Dan Lauria

Birthday: April 12, 1947 in Brooklyn / New York 

  • raised in a blue-collar suburban town in Long Island / New York, Lindenhurst where his parents still live
  • in school and college captain of football teams in high school and college, also active in wrestling and baseball
  • graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with double BA in American History and Philosophy
  • then served in Marine Corps from 1970 until 1973, stationed in the Pacific and briefly in Vietnam
  • in 1973 returned to US 
  • then graduated from University of Connecticut with MFA in playwriting
  • started his stage career in Washington DC, then in New York
  • in 1991 married to Eileen Cregg, a former radio station employee, after having been attached to Joanna Kerns 
  • lives currently in Los Angeles and runs a theatre company there (1998)
  • Inbetween theatre jobs, Dan Lauria worked as a football and wrestling coach and as a substitute teacher in Lindenhurst. He clinched "The Wonder Years" part after learning that Neal Marlens went to a rival high school nearby, probably to Huntington High School, in the town where Neal Marlens lived.
  • Dan was once attached to Joanna Kerns (of TV's "Growing Pains"). Since then, he acted in several TV movies together with her.
  • In the early 90s, Dan Lauria produced Chazz Palminteri's play "A Bronx Tale" in New York. The play was a great success and propelled Chazz's movie career when Robert DeNiro took notice of the play and chose "A Bronx Tale" to be his movie directorial debut. In fact, Dan is thanked in the end credits of the movie. It looks like Chazz and Dan are still in touch, with Dan executive-producing "Faithful", Chazz's second movie screenplay.
  • In several Wonder Years episodes "Jack Arnold" wears a navy blue sweatshirt with "SOUTHERN"  written on it.  This was Dan Lauria's, from his college, the Southern Connecticut State University (from Pete Somma).
  • In 1996 he was executive producer of the movie Faithful and has written the script for Dog Watch.
  • Dan Lauria and Fred Savage were touring in a summer stock play this year called Wendell & Ben.  I will be seeing it at the Westport Country Playhouse in Connecticut in July 1998.
  • There is a new movie in the making, High Times Potluck. The website includes several photos of Dan.
  • There us a Dan Laura Picture Website.
  • His agent's address: 601 North Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004.  The following address was valid March 1998:

  •          Dan Lauria 
             c/o Coronet Theatre 
             366 N LaCienega Blvd 
             Los Angeles, CA  90048
Title Character he played Year Type
Contagion Ryker 2001 Movie
Full Circle  Big Brother Counselor 2001 Movie
High Times Potluck Carmine 2001 Movie
Never Say Die  unknown 2001 TV movie
The Empath unknown 2001 Movie
Common Ground Coach Davis 2000 TV movie
"N. Y. U. K." Coach Hamstruck 2000 TV series
Hangman Captain Gil Roemer 2000 TV movie
Fear Runs Silent Therapist 1999 Movie
"The Hoop Life" Leonard Fero 1999 TV series
Justice Judge Falcone 1999 TV movie
Stranger in My House Dennis 1999 Movie
A Wake In Providence Rudy 1999 Movie
"Costello" Spud Murphy 1998 TV series
"From the Earth to the Moon" James Webb 1998 TV mini series
Justice Judge Falcone 1998 Movie
Mr. Murder Gen. Aames 1998 TV movie
Rhapsody in Bloom Mr. Mishler 1998 Movie
Ricochet River Coach Garth 1998 Movie
True Friends Pauley 1998 Movie
Wide Awake Father Peters 1998 Movie
Merry Christmas, George Bailey Bert 1997 TV movie
Prison of Secrets Sergeant Ed Crang 1997 TV movie
The Rockford Files: Murder and Misdemeanors unknown 1997 TV movie
The Bachelor's Baby Monte 1996 TV movie
Dog Watch Halloway 1996 Movie
Independence Day Army General 1996 Movie
No One Could Protect Her Detective Corning 1996 Movie
Terror in the Family Father 1996 TV movie
"Amazing Grace" Harry Kramer 1995 TV series
Between Mother and Daughter Father 1995 TV movie
Excessive Force II: Force on Force Mr. Orland Franco 1995 Movie
In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice Philip Lamonaco 1995 TV movie
Mob Justice Paulie Romano 1995 Movie
Rise and Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story The Coach 1994 TV movie
Another Stakeout Captain Coldshank 1993 Movie
In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco Bob Blanchard 1993 TV movie
From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh: A Jury of One Detective Andy Toffenelli 1992 TV movie
In the Line of Duty: Mob Justice  Paulie Romano 1992 TV movie
Overexposed Norm Demski 1992 TV movie
The Big One: The Great Los Angeles Earthquake Steve Winslow 1990 TV movie
In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing Kadazian 1990 TV movie
Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder unknown 1989 TV movie
David unknown 1988 TV movie
Police Story: Cop Killer Sgt. Taggart 1988 TV movie
Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story unknown 1988 TV movie
Angle in Green Sgt. Joe Kobalzki 1987 TV movie
Stakeout Phil Coldshank 1987 Movie
The Wonder Years Jack Arnold 1987-1993 TV series
Doing Life Lieutenant Lubway 1986 TV movie
Nine 1/2 Weeks Janitor 1986 Movie
Kojak: The Belarus File Federal Agent #2 1985 TV movie
Brass Detective Navarro 1985 TV movie
South Bronx Heroes FBI Agent 1985 Movie
Without a Trace Baker 1983 Movie
Muggable Mary, Street Cop Vince Palucci 1982 TV movie
C.O.D. Secret Service Man #2 1981 Movie

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"The Fugitive"  Henry Armenasco Sea Changes (1.17) 03/30/01
"Third Watch"  Stan's Son  Run of the Mill (2.9) 12/04/00
"Law & Order"  Capt. Joe Strudevant (Police Chief) Burn, Baby, Burn (11.6)
? (11.11)
"Providence" John Currier Love is in the Air (2.21) 02/05/00
"ER" Mister Simpson Match Made in Heaven (6.18)
The Fastest Year (6.19)
"Diagnosis Murder" Donald Purdy Murder by Remote (7.16) 02/10/00
"Batman Beyond" Bill Wallace (voice) Earth Mover (2.2) 02/25/99
"Touched by an Angel" Bill Redeeming Love (4.16) 02/01/98
"Push" Don Curtis 1.1.03 1998
"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" Major Samuel Morrison Safe Passage (6.11) 12/12/97
"You Wish" Coach (Pilot) (1.1) 09/26/97
"Walker, Texas Ranger" Salvatore Matacio A Father's Image (5.23) 05/03/97
"Crisis Center"  Father The Center (1.1) 02/28/97
"Boy Meets World"  Judge Lamb Wheels (4.14) 01/17/97
"Working"  Dan McAllister The Other Executive (2.15) 1997-
"Party of Five" Coach Russ Petrocelli Gimme Shelter (3.9)
Desperate Measures (3.12)
Christmas (3.13)
Hitting Bottom (3.21)
You Win Some, You Lose Some (3.25)
"JAG" Col. Matt "Gooch" Anderson Survivors (1.18) 04/17/96
"NYPD Blue" George Garabedian Burnin' Love (3.11) 01/30/96
"Chicago Hope"  Henry Alden Transplanted Affection (2.12)
Hearts and Minds (2.15)
"Burke's Law" Jimmy Jackson Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley? (4.10) 06/22/95
"The Commish" Dr. Donald Cutler Head Case (4.8) 11/12/94
"Hooperman" Lou Stern Don We know our gay apparel (1.3)
Blues for Danny Welles (1.9)
The Naked and the Dead (1.12)
"L.A. Law"  Joseph Sears Prince Kuzak in a Can (1.12) 01/08/87
"Sledge Hammer!" Raker A Clockwork Hammer 1986
"Hunter" ? Beautiful & the Dead, The: Part 1 (2.20)
Beautiful & the Dead, The: Part 2 (2.21)
"Simon & Simon"  Artie Karnovsky/Art Kaufman Full Moon Blues (5.19) 03/06/86
"Growing Pains"  Hockey Coach
First Blood (1.14)
Born Free (2.20)
"Misfits of Science" Project Manager Steer Crazy (1.8) 11/29/85
"Moonlighting" ? Portrait of Maddie (2.8) 11/26/85
"Scarecrow and Mrs. King" Rogan
Sour Grapes (3.6)
Utopia Now (3.7)
Promises to Keep (4.13)
"Hill Street Blues" Jim Blues in the Night (6.1) 09/26/85
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