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These are 57 articles about "The Wonder Years" in chronological order. They give a good insight in the rise, fall and rebirth of the popularity of this show.

January 30, 1988 The Associated Press WONDER YEARS looks at 60's through the eyes of a pre-teen
March 14, 1988 People Weekly The Wonder Years
April 24, 1988 The Los Angeles Times WONDER YEARS captures 1968 in child's eyes
November 30, 1988: Start of the second season
December 12, 1988 People Weekly As the kid who might have lived next door in the '60s (about Fred Savage)
February 12, 1989 San Diego Union-Tribune Wonder of stardom hasn't, like, changed Fred Savage that much
April 17, 1989 People Weekly Fred Savage may be TV's wonder boy, but when mom says jump...
June 11, 1989 The New York Times Growing Up Is Hard to Put in Focus (double article with "Heathers")
June 22, 1989 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition Teen Clebes Turn out for Bop Bash Touting Pop's New Kids (short about Danica and Crystal McKellar)
October 3, 1989: Start of the third season 
December 1989 Redbook Talking with Fred Savage: "My parents never push me."
January 29, 1990 People Weekly Bullying Jason Hervey is the Wonder brother America loves to loathe
April 23, 1990 P.M. Final Names in the news; sisters rivals on "WONDER YEARS" (about Danica and Crystal McKellar)
April 28, 1990 TV Guide She loves nighttime soaps, and still has an 'A' average (about Danica McKellar)
May 6, 1990 The Los Angeles Times; Orange County Edition Winsome Winnie; The Actress behind the girl behind the boy
May 15, 1990 The Los Angeles Times In Publics Mind, Danica is WINNIE
May 21, 1990 People Weekly Olivia d'Abo, teen rebel of Wonder Years...
August 5, 1990  The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition ABC'S Golden Boys
August 6, 1990 Broadcasting Turner handling barter sales of 'Wonder Years.'
August 14, 1990 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition An Apple for teachers
September 19, 1990: Start of the fourth season
October 20, 1990 TV Guide My Two Sons (about Alley Mills)
December 1, 1990 TV Guide Ever wonder who's grown-up Kevin Arnold? (about Daniel Stern)
January, 1991 Saturday Evening Post Fred Savage: Having Fun
February 25, 1991 Broadcasting The 'Wonder' clears; Turner has lined up 19 markets for 1992 syndication debut.
April 14, 1991 Chicago Tribune Starry Ride (about Danica McKellar and her family)
September 29, 1991 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition The Aging of "Wonder Years"
October 2, 1991: Start of the fifth season
March, 1992 TV Guide The Wonder (No More) Years (about Josh Saviano and episode 88 )
March 8, 1992 The San Diego Union-Tribune Afternoon special for children teaches 50 ways to save planet
April, 1992 TV Guide Unwedded bliss for Olivia d'Abo
May 4, 1992 Broadcasting 'Wonder Year' clearances top 85%
May 11, 1992 Broadcasting ABC ready to roll out new season slate
July 29, 1992 The Miami Herald Show Tries to recapture lost wonder
September 23, 1992: Start of the last season
September 13, 1992 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition The New with the Old
October 5, 1992 Mediaweek Several highly-touted syndication shows fail to measure up to hype
November 16, 1992 Broadcasting Syndication ratings: not so great expectations
December 19, 1992 TV Guide KEVIN; Then & Now; How Fred Savage has grown up on prime time
February 1, 1993 ? Troubling TV ADs
February 22, 1993 People Weekly To tell the truth, it's love... (about Alley Mills)
April 5, 1993 People Weekly A ploy named Sue? (about Fred Savage and Jason Hervey)
April 24, 1993 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition (Article by: Rick Du Brow)
May 9, 1993 The Los Angeles Times; Orange County Edition Looking back as "The Wonder Years" comes to an end
May 11, 1993 The Dallas Morning News Savage grows up, leaves 'Wonder' land behind
May 12, 1993 The Los Angeles Times; Home Edition Reeling in the Bittersweet "WONDER YEARS"
(Interview with Bob Brush)
May 12, 1993: Airing of the last episode
May 14, 1993 Entertainment Weekly 'Landing' after all these 'Years': prime-time series finales
May 17, 1993 People Weekly Not a kid anymore (about Fred Savage)
1993 Time or People Weekly (?) Conduct of Life (about Ben Savage)
January 1994 Chilton's Hardware Age The 'Wonder Years' are over (about rerun of episode 72 )
July 1997 "Working" Press Release (Interview with Fred Savage, also on Wonder Years)
October 5, 1997 Whip Resolved: We're all going to hell and there's nothing we can do about it (about Crystal McKellar)
October 8, 1997 The Orange County Register Revisiting 'WONDER YEARS'' Winnie
March 1998 TV Guide  Wonder Lust
March 18, 1998 Daily News (New York) Winnie Goes Back to 'Work'
September 21, 1998 People Wonder Woman
January 29, 1999 The Yale Herald Remember Me? (about Crystal McKellar)
February 12, 1999 TV Guide True Romance on The Wonder Years Set
March 19, 1999 Entertainment Weekly New Math
April 5, 2001 Fifteen Minutes Online With a little help from Becky (about Crystal McKellar)
July 19, 2005 New York Times Between Series, an Actress Became a Superstar (in Math)
November 17, 2005 Los Angeles Times Ever wondered what stuff you'd do on a date with Winnie Cooper?


The book about "The Wonder Years" by Edward Gross .

CDs and MCs

There are two CD albums with music from "The Wonder Years".  They are available again through normal order in Europe and the US or via mail order: (= first album , second album or first album via

The Wonder Years, Atlantic ASIN: B000002IOQ, 1989
adress: Atlantic Recording Corporation, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019
1. With a Little Help from My Friends - Joe Cocker
2. Baby I Need Your Loving - Was (Not Was)
3. Drift Away - Judson Spence
4. For What It's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound) - Buffalo Springfield
5. Get Together - Indigo Girls
6. In the Still of the Night (I'll Remember) - Debbie Gibson
7. Twentieth Century Fox - Escape Club
8. Ruby Tuesday - Julian Lennon
9. Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills & Nash (And Young)
10. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
11. Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Carole King
12. Come Home (Wonder Years) - Debbie Gibson
13. Peace Train - Richie Havens

The Wonder Years (5 CD Box), Laserlight Digital (5768) 15936-2, 1994
contains: 12311 "first love", 12312 "good times, good friends", 12313 "summer time", 12314 "party time", 12315 "movin' on"

Karaoke Cassette: Hits from Wonder Years (Sound Choice 4871) ( infos ). In Germany the distributor is World of Karaoke in Frankfurt.  On the MC: Will you love me tomorrow, Brown eyed girl, With a little help from my friends, The tracks of my tears (Side A songs, Side B instrumental).


Only the first four and the Christmas episodes are available so far.
Tape 1: ISBN #: 1-56068-980-3 / SCU #: 0 92091-1436-3 6 Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment, Inc. 500 Kirts Blvd., Troy, MI 48084, phone: +1-248-362-9660.
Tape 2: ISBN #: 1-56068-981-1 / SCU #: 0 92091-1437-3 5
These two tapes are recorded in the low-resolution American NTSC format; if you life outside the US and Japan, you need a special multi-system VCR and TV to play them. I bought my tapes at Tower Video in New York City in July 1996. They were on sale for only $1.99 each (!) at all BEST BUY stores in August 1997, for example in Wilmington, Delaware, (302) 993-0495 (thanks to Kristin Zerbe).
There were also two video tapes available which both show just parts of several episodes:

The tapes / DVDs were to be ordered via (January 1998, Nov 2002).  They were brought out by the same company that published the 5 CD-Box, see above. The DVDs were playable in all regions.

November 2003: There is a poll on the Fox's site. So vote to get The Wonder Years out on DVD: offers alert for DVD release. Please use it; it is a vote for a release.

November 2005: A German DVD of the first season is to be released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on 13 March 2006. The episodes of all six seasons have already been cleared by the German Film Classification Authority.

October 2006: No DVD yet in Germany nor the US.

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