TV Guide
for the episode of "Working" of March 13, 1998


By Annabel Vered

It's the classic story of a good girl gone bad. When Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) first stared longingly at Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) on The Wonder Years, she was as squeaky-clean as they come. Ten years later, McKellar is back—-in black—to reunite with Savage on this week's Working (NBC, March 13, 9:30 P.M./ET). "I did get a few flashbacks just healing, 'Fred and Danica to the set, " says the 23-year-old, who plays the not-so-wholesome boss's daughter "She's kind of ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, had some run-ins with the police. She isn't really your model citizen." Not surprising though, she's still the object of Savage's affection.

McKellar—who'll graduate summa cum laude from UCLA this June with a departmental honors degree in mathematics--plans to continue acting, and she doesn't rule out the possibility of reappearing on Working. "You never know," she says. "[My part] on The Wonder Years was actually just supposed to be a guest spot." For now-— when she's not too busy studying—McKellar will sometimes catch an old Wonder Year's episode on Nick at Nite (weeknights, 9 PM,/BT). "It brings back wonderful childhood memories. It's like having the best set of home movies possible."

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