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  • Ciba Xymara Pigments
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    and others:
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    Only Germany:

    Chemistry (Academia):

    Catalogues, Links: Analytics in Germany
    WWW Chemicals Online chemicals catalogues
    Chemistry: Links for Chemists 5000 links
    ChemLin chemistry links (in German)
    NIST Chemistry Webbook
    UCLA ChemPointers nice
    Yahoo Chemistry Collection very nice
    Camille and Henry Dreyfus Chemical Information
    Material Safety Data at Vermont SIRI + Links
    Welt der Physik
    Nanotechweb Nanotechnology portal
    Prof. Blumes Bildungsserver Chemie (in German)
    FDA: FDA Home Page
    Cosmetics Handbook FDA
    Conferences: see internal Lotus Notes database
    Universities and Institutes: American Chemical Society:
    ChemCenter (ACS)
    Bonnell at UPENN STM of oxides
    Richard Feynman Online! very nice, many links
    Rose Amal chemist
    Sea Mouse Images pearlescence in nature
    Harvard University IG Nobel Prizes
    Max Planck Institute Biophys. Chemistry, Göttingen
    there: Klaas
    MIT (official home page)
    MIT OpenCourseWare
    very nice
    Royal Society of Chemistry okay
    Sheffield very nice
    Chemical Engineering: Galaxy Chem. Engineering
    Chemical & Engineering News
    very nice

    Surface Chemistry and Physics:

    Surface Science Links:
    Analytical Science Digital Library
    Surface Science Mailing List mailing list
    The Sol-Gel Network
    SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering nice
    Charles Evans Surface Analysis very nice
    Dispersion Technology Inc. electroacoustic zetapotentials
    Surface and Thin Films Bulletin Board nice
    Formulaction Turbiscan particle measurements
    Institut Fresenius okay
    Malvern particle instruments okay
    OFG analytics services
    Uni Manchester, Corrosion and Protection Centre nice
    UMSL Surface Site nice
    Introduction to Different Surface Science Techniques very nice
    Tutorial Page - Surface Analysis 729
    FEI (Philips) nice
    JEOL USA very nice
    Zeiss best SEM
    MicroWorld News okay
    Microscopy and Imaging Resources on the WWW
    Börder Elektronik SEM database software
    CAMN Lehigh Nano Center
    AFM & STM Manufacturers:
    Veeco (former Topometrix) nice
    AFM & STM Users:
    Nanomechanics Group Lausanne nice SEM & AFM


    Automotive Intelligence market and financial data
    Onvista company and investment news
    ChemConnect: Chemical Exchange and Suppliers Directory
    Analytik News Analytik-News (in German)
    ChemSpy chemistry links
    Company Overview JOBWARE nice
    Cosmetic Industry Index nice
    Labexchange used lab equipment (Europe)
    National Paint & Coatings Association many good statistics
    Paint and Coatings Industry Journal
    Paint and Coatings Online
    Barcode Companies
    Powder Page about powder processing
    European Coatings weekly news, very nice
    efg's Chromaticity Diagrams Lab Report
    Fördergemeinschaft Dünne Schichten thin films in Europe
    Pete's Luminous Creations luminescent products catalogue
    Suschem German network

    Zusatzstoffe Online

    food additives (German)
    3M very nice
    A AB Lasers a lot about lasermarking B

    BASF Corporation very nice
    BASF Automotive Portal
    BASF Deutschland very nice

    Akzo Nobel Coatings not much Bayer AG nice, but no pigments yet
    AlfaAesar--Online Catalogue--Search Bell Labs (Lucent Technologies) nice
    Altair Technologies, Inc. nano oxides Börder Elektronik SEM database software
    Altana Chemie Bruker
    Asahi Glass BYK-Chemie nice
    Avery Dennison very nice
    C Ciba Specialty Chemicals
    Ciba Xymara Pigments
    D Daimler very nice
    Clariant, Pigments dyes and masterbatches Dainippon Ink and Chemicals
    Coburn Corp. films and pigments Degussa nice
    Degussa Coatings & Colorants
    Creavis Degussa Innovations
    Colortech masterbatcher, nice
    CQV (formerly Skychem) Pigments from Korea Dow Chemical nice
    Dow Corning Silaes
    DuPont very nice
    E Eastman Chemicals very nice F Ferro incl former Cerdec
    Eckart-Werke metallic and pearlescent pigments, nice
    Ecka Granules steel flakes by Eckart
    Fisher Scientific , Germany chemicals
    Ekato stirring equipment
    Elsevier publishing
    Engelhard Corporation pigments, catalysts, kaolin
    CETISA trader in Spain
    G Glaxo Wellcome nice H Henkel KGaA
    Heubach pigments
    HI RISE mica
    Honeywell: Luminux luminescent pigments
    Hüls US = CREANOVA, Inc.
    I ICI Dulux Paint Guide nice, in German K Kodak nice
    Inderchand Rajgarhia & Sons very nice, about mica K-TEK targets and Ta
    Ishihara Techno ultrafine TiO2 and conductives Kronos TiO2 pigments
    ITC, Inc. minerals and mica  
    L Lancaster fine chemicals
    L'Oreal Cosmetics not much info
    L.O.T. analytics
    M Macy's N Nanophase nano products
    Magruder Color pigments Nanoproducts nano producs
    Mary Kay Cosmetics nice Nemoto security / safety pigments
    Merck Co. nice
    The MERCK Manual medical information
    Northrop Grumman nice
    Merck KGaA
    Merck Australia
    VWR = formerly Merck Eurolab
    Merck EMD Chemicals
    Merck Hungary
    Merck - Pigmente
    Merck Laserforum lasermarking
    EMD - Pigments
    Merck Thailand
    O OCLI - Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
    Flex Colorshift
    Otsuka Chemical Co. conductive pigments
    P Polar Minerals Mica
    PPG nice
    R Reveo innovations
    Rohm & Haas nice
    Messer specialty gases Rhodia nice
    Rhodia Rare Earths
    Mettler Toledo nice Reseach Institute for Synthetic Crystals pearlescent pigments
    Monsanto very nice Roche very nice
    Rolic Roche's LC
    Research Institute of Synthetic Crystals
    S Sachtleben T Teikoku Printing Inks
    Shiseido nice but general Toyal Al pigments
    Sigma / Aldrich nice U UrbanDecay Cosmetics very nice
    Silberline aluminum pigments, nice V VW America nice graphics
    Sivento Silanes (Hüls)
    Spectratek holographic pigments W Wolstenholme Int. metallic pigments
    Standox Wenzhou Kuncai pearlescent pigments
    HC Starck tantalum & niobium Z Carl Zeiss Jena nice
    Sudarshan pearl pigments from India Zoz metal flakes, mills and equipment
    Sun Chemical inks and organic pigments
    US Government: The Whitehouse
    Business Advisor (Regulatory Affairs etc)
    Federal Institutions
    US Supreme Court Decisions
    Democratic Party
    e-the people democracy in the US
    and the competitor: Window to Moscow nice touristic tour
    Magazines & Newspapers: Books:
    AddALL book search and price comparison
    Amazon Books
    Amazon Germany
    online order
    Barnes & Noble good bookshop Great Books Online online books
    Bibliotheken und Bücher in Deutschland all kinds of seach tools
    Bol.Com bookshop
    Bookwire good bookshop German, KNO
    Haenssler German christian books
    Le Site de la Fnac CDs, books, videos
    Library of Congress very nice
    Movies & TV:
    Search Tools: Movie Studios: TV Stations: Misc: Married with Children (Fox series): Wonder Years (ABC Series):


    Multi Celebrities: Single Celebrities: Phoebe Cates: Melissa Joan Hart: Rebecca Liljeberg: Winona Ryder: Kristy Swanson:
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  • The Kristy Swanson Homepage last update 1999
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