Andrew Mark Berman In "The Wonder Years": 
Chuck Coleman, Kevin's senior high school classmateand friend, in episode 76, 80, 84, 86,87, 88, 89,93, 99, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109,110, 111,114

When Chuck Coleman appeared in his first episode ( "Soccer"),they were filming outside and there were bugs everywhere. He started squinting and twitching to keep them out of his face. The director saw this and toldhim to keep doing it in future episodes because he thought it would addto his character. Thus begun Chuck's trademark twitches. 

From episode 105 (courtesy RTL2)

Chuck and Alice
Chuck, from episode 110 (courtesy RTL2), with Alice Pedermeir (Lindsay Sloane).

In episode 111 Chuck Coleman givesus the names of his parents: "Stuart and Irene Coleman did not raise anymorons." 


Birthday: August 28th, 1975 in Bethesda/Maryland (USA) 
He has a sister, Lauren. 

"The Wonder Years" seem to be Berman's first appearance on screen. 

  • Andrew Berman wrote, starred and produced "THE QUINTESSENTIAL PIZZA BOY",which ran for five weeks at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood. His sisterLauren Berman flew in from Chicago to direct the show.
  • He was a guest star in the TV series "Mr. Rhodes" together with his "girl" from "The Wonder Years", Lindsay Sloane.
  • Andy appeared in several TV commercials, for example in the Burger King"Lion King" commercials, for Ballpark Hotdogs (1999), Balance (2000), and for DiGiorno Pizza (2001).
  • He was also writer and director of the movie Bit Players (2000).
Title Character he played  Year Type
The First $20 Million  Old Man 2002 Movie
"Invader ZIM" Dib 2001 TV series
Running Mates  Darren 2000 TV movie
This Space Between Us  Chip 2000 Movie
Hefner: Unauthorized Bob Gutwillig 1999 TV movie
This Space Between Us Chip 1999 Movie
"Ghost Cop" Detective Greg Mellish 1998 TV series
Telling You Howard Gurtler 1998 Movie
The Sunchaser Fellow in Oncology 1996 Movie
"The Jamie Foxx Show" Bellman 1996-??? TV series
Kidz in the Wood  ? 1994 TV movie
Rookie of the Year Ernie  1993 Movie
Shadows and Fog Student 1992 Movie
Abby, My Love ? 1991 TV movie
She Touched My Sandwich ? 1989 Movie

Guest Star in:

TV Series  as in Episode Date
"Harsh Realm" Freddie the Forger Inga Fossa (1.3) 10/22/99
"Conrad Bloom" Kowalski / Protestor (Pilot) 09/21/98
"Guys Like Us" Vance ? 1998
"Between Brothers"  Carter Nagel (as Andy Berman) In Case of Emergency (1.0)
The Interview (1.10)
"Mr. Rhodes" Howard Amanda's Fix-Up Show (1.9) 11/18/96
"Can't Hurry Love" Gilly The Rent Strike (1.13) 01/08/96
"Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman" Jaxon Xavier (Lex Luthor's son) Virtually Destroyed (3.10) 12/10/95
"Blossom" Boomer Who's Not on First (5.14) 02/06/95
"Dweebs" ? ? 1995
"Wings" Delivery Boy Hey, Nineteen (5.16) 02/10/94
"Grace Under Fire" Richie Comstock Grace Under Oath (1.8) 11/24/93
"The Commish"  Jimmy Burned Out Case (3.4) 10/16/93
"Dave's World" ? ? 1993-
"The Sinbad Show" ? ? 1993
"Love and War" ? ? 1992-
"Life Goes On" Eric The Smell of Fear (3.11) 12/15/91

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