Look up the The Razzies: Worst Movies of the Year .

My favorite movies, actors and actresses

[Blue Ball]Dustin Hoffman
In my opinion the best living actor. Watch his movies "The Graduate", "Lenny", "Hero", "Marathon Man", "Midnight Cowboy", "Death of Salesman", and "Rainman". 

[Blue Ball]Armin Müller-Stahl
In my opinion the second best. See him in "Night on Earth".

[Blue Ball]James Stewart
Watch his nearly forgotten movie "Harvey"!

[Blue Ball]W.C. Fields
The forgotten comedy star of the 30s. Unfortunaty drowned in whiskey.

[Red Ball]Katherine Hepburn
Has been a nasty person, read her autobiography "Me". But who sees that in "Bringing Up Baby" or "Holiday"? 
[Red Ball]Winona Ryder
A real cutie. See her movies "Reality Bites" and "Little Women", compare the latter to Katherine Hepburn's version.
[Red Ball]Myrna Loy The classy and witty wife in "The Thin Man".